Ohio Farm Bureau unveils farm labor resources

As competition for available skilled farm workers intensifies and wages for those workers increase, finding and retaining farm labor remains one of the greatest challenges for Ohio agriculture. That’s why Ohio Farm Bureau, in a partnership with Nationwide, has released a first-of-its-kind Labor Intelligence Report and Guide to Finding, Hiring and Retaining Farm Employees through their new Ag Intelligence Service.

The report, titled “Farm Employees. Where are they? Strategies and Solutions for Your Farm,” outlines current farm labor challenges and explores how farmers are considering alternative staffing solutions and strategies to find, recruit and retain farm employees. The report is being offered as a free download for anyone interested in the valuable information.

“A Guide to Finding, Hiring and Retaining Farm Employees,” available exclusively for Ohio Farm Bureau members, is designed to help position farm businesses as an employer of choice in this tough labor market. It will help farmers attract and retain quality labor and reduce the chance of a key employee leaving, causing a business disruption.

“While a career in agriculture has many selling points, it’s not the easiest profession and fewer people are returning to the farm or even considering the field,” said Adam Sharp, executive vice president of Ohio Farm Bureau. “Finding good, reliable employees has been challenging, to say the least. These advanced resources from Ohio Farm Bureau and Nationwide will be a major asset for our members when it comes to recruitment, retention and culture development, all vital to ensure a farm’s success and growth.”

The guide is packed with valuable information to help farm employers attract and retain farm workers, including:

  • What’s a business culture and why you need one.
  • Skills sets. What you have and what you will need.
  • How to recruit good people.
  • Compensation and other ideas to reward employees.
  • Creating an orientation/onboarding experience.
  • Tips to motivate performance.
  • How will you retain employees?

“We hope this guide will help Ohio Farm Bureau members position their farm for employment success and enhance their recruiting, hiring and retention strategies,” Sharp said. “Finding good employees is not easy, but adapting to the new norm can give you a leg up on the competition.”

Download the report or the guide

In addition, the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation is hosting a series of 30-minute, lunch-and-learn webinars which will provide farmers with tips and tools on employee retention, recruitment, the H-2A system, organizational culture, and labor-saving technology ideas. Farmers can learn more and register for the webinars at ofb.ag/laborwebinars.

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