Ohio Field Leader Podcast Episode 35, Matt Sullivan

By Dusty Sonnenberg, CCA, Field Leader, a project of the Ohio Soybean Council and Soybean check-off

Farming near an urban center has unique challenges. Dusty is joined in this episode by Matt Sullivan of Circle S Farms in Franklin County. Matt along with his wife Amy and their sons Caleb and Timothy and Caleb’s wife Claire operate Circle S Farms serving the greater Columbus, Ohio metro area. Over the years the operation has evolved from a traditional crop and livestock farm in the 1950’s, to a large turkey farm, to a traditional cash grain operation, to a diversified vegetable operation, to now an agritourism farm. The Sullivans still grow corn and soybeans, but also pumpkins and sunflowers. Join Dusty and Matt as they talk about the journey of this family farm and the opportunities and challenges of farming near a large metro area.

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