Mike Schmuki and his family will be hosting visitors this September to their 2023 Ohio Tree Farm of the Year.

Schmuki family named Ohio Tree Farmers of the Year

The Schmuki family will be welcoming visitors to their 238-acre Certified Tree Farm on Saturday, Sept. 9, 2023 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. for a fun day of learning more about managing a forest for a variety of uses including timber, wildlife, water and recreation. The tour will take place at their Post Boy Tree Farm south of the house at 17395 Starkey Hollow Road, SW, Newcomerstown, Ohio 43832. The tour is free but food and beverages will be available to purchase.

This Certified Tree Farm was selected from among 1,200 Certified Tree Farms in Ohio as the 2023 Ohio Tree Farm of the Year. The Tree Farm program, administered here in Ohio by the Ohio Tree Farm Committee, is sponsored by the Ohio Forestry Association and the Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources, Division of Forestry. The role of the Tree Farm program is to encourage and recognize woodland owners who own 10 or more acres who are actively and sustainably managing their woodland using a management plan written by a professional consulting forester to guide them in their efforts. This plan is written to eight Tree Farm standards. They are: Standard 1: Commitment to Practicing Sustainable Forestry (Management Plan), Standard 2: Compliance with Laws, Standard 3: Reforestation and Afforestation, Standard 4: Air, Water and Soil Protection, Standard 5: Fish, Wildlife, Biodiversity, and Forest Health, Standard 6: Forest Aesthetics, Standard 7: Protect Special Sites, and Standard 8: Forest Product Harvests and other Activities.

Visitors can participate in walking tours of the farm which will highlight a variety of woodland management activities. These will include discussions on pollinators, management plan development, tree planting, Persimmon trees, Butternut trees, locust trees and fence posts, White Oak trees and regenerating them, Chestnut Oak trees and the value of allowing trees to grow to the right size. We’ll also be talking about turkey calls, barn restoration and Oxford Twp. History. Professional foresters will be leading tours to learn about these topics.

For questions, call Tom Mills at 419-721-1465.

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