The Max-Chisel is an aggressive soil management tool that is designed to achieve complete soil fracture, even at shallower depths.

Great Plains adds Implement Command system to popular Max-Chisel

Great Plains has expanded the family of Implement Command-compatible products to include the ever-popular Max-Chisel. The Max-Chisel is an aggressive soil management tool that is designed to achieve complete soil fracture, even at shallower depths. In the fall, the Max-Chisel works to remove ruts, limit erosion, and capture moisture through vertical tillage. In the spring, the Max-Chisel prepares the soil for a single pass with a seedbed preparation tool, like the VT1100 Turbo-Max.

For added control and convenience, the Max-Chisel is now offered with the optional Implement Command System (ICS), allowing producers to set, adjust, and monitor the implement from the tractor cab. The Max-Chisel joins several other Great Plains models that are compatible with Implement Command, including VT1100 Turbo-Maxes, Velocity, and select models of HT1100 Terra-Maxes and Disk Harrows. ICS allows producers to make active decisions and real-time field adjustments to improve yield potential and soil health. With Implement Command, several tillage functions can be easily controlled with a simple push of a button. Producers can control the Max-Chisel’s tillage depth and finisher pressure for customized results. On the 17- and 19-shank models, producers can use on-screen controls to easily dial in the amount of wing down pressure desired for their field conditions.

Implement Command is ISOBUS-compatible and works with the tractor’s existing virtual terminal, so no additional monitors are needed. For tractors equipped with multiple displays, dual VT compatibility lets producers easily transfer implement controls to the next available VT on the bus.

“With added convenience and control capabilities, the Implement Command System supports original Max-Chisel features for enhanced results,” said Doug Stucky, Great Plains Product Manager, said,  The Max-Chisel is an effective fall or spring tool, known for its ability to leave fields smoother and more uniform than traditional disk rippers.” Two opposing rows of exclusive concave turbo-wave blades with patented “samurai” edges aggressively remove root balls while mixing and incorporating residue – pinning it to the ground to accelerate decomposition. Producers can select their desired finish with a choice of attachments: chopper reels for a vertically-tilled profile or combine with a MaxLift roller for a smooth, uniform finish.

All Max-Chisel models feature hydraulically-adjustable disc gang depth control and toggle-trip shanks to till up to 12 inches deep. The Max-Chisel’s blades are virtually maintenance-free with a six-lip interlocking seal on each bearing to keep grease in and contaminants like dirt and debris out.

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