Last Call for SDS of Soybean Sample Submissions

By Dr. Horacio Lopez-Nicroa, Plant Pathologist and Nematologist, The Ohio State University

Thank you to those who submitted sudden death syndrome (SDS) samples this season! As we approach the end of summer, we are still encouraging anyone who has SDS-infected plants to please submit them to the Ohio State University’s Soybean Pathology and Nematology Laboratory (read more HERE). This will aid in our efforts as we conduct a survey of SDS in Ohio to determine the genetic diversity of the causing agent Fusarium. By submitting infected plants, you can help us to better understand the pathogen and explore any fungicide resistance that may be developing (read more HERE). 

Counties from which SDS samples were received.

Please complete the SDS submission form and send samples to:

OSU Soybean Pathology & Nematology

c/o Jenna Moore

Kottman Hall, Room 110

2021 Coffey Rd,

Columbus, OH 43210

Sample Submission: Please submit entire soybean plants. Since SDS is a root-borne pathogen, it is necessary to include the roots. A fresh sample is always best. We suggest packaging the plant sample in an airtight Ziplock bag prior to mailing, as it helps to retain moisture and freshness. Please attempt to reduce the time the sample is exposed to extremely hot temperatures. Please complete the submission form if possible.

Questions? Please email Dr. Horacio Lopez-Nicora ( or Jenna Moore (

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