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Ohio Farm Bureau releases updated Ohio Landowner Toolkit

Owning land comes with important responsibilities, and Ohio Farm Bureau has recently updated a valuable resource to help landowners better navigate through the issues that come along with those responsibilities.

The new 40-page Ohio Landowner Toolkit contains essential information prepared by Ohio Farm Bureau’s legal team that will help answer questions unique to property owners on topics such as agricultural easements, property rights, oil and gas, zoning, open burning and more.

“The benefits of the Landowner Toolkit extend beyond individual landowners,” said Adam Sharp, executive vice president of Ohio Farm Bureau. “By promoting informed and responsible land management, it contributes to the health of Ohio agriculture as a whole. Additionally, by helping landowners navigate legal and financial complexities, it can contribute to the stability and growth of individual farms and create a path of success for farm families.”

The toolkit also assists members in navigating eminent domain, boundary disputes, trees and property rights, line fence, open burning and Ohio Farm Bureau’s $5,000 Reward Property Protection Program.

As many of the issues addressed in the Landowner Toolkit are ever changing and evolving, recent updates have also been made to include additional information about trespassing and landowner liability, drainage and water and Ohio’s Agricultural Districts and Agricultural Security Areas.

The Ohio Farm Bureau Landowner Toolkit is a key membership benefit available exclusively for members. Find out more by visiting

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