Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Ep. 319 | Farm Labor and Dad Jokes with OFBF

In this episode of the Ohio Ag Net Podcast, hosts Matt Reese of Ohio’s Country Journal and Dusty Sonnenburg of Ohio Ag Net talk with Michael Bailey, Vice President of Strategic Partnership at Ohio Farm Bureau Federation. Bailey shares about labor issues that are happening in the agriculture sector everyday. He shares Ohio Farm Bureau’s efforts in helping to bring light to and reduce this ongoing challenge in American agriculture.  

More in this week’s podcast:  

  • Arthur Erickson, Hylio: Erickson is the CEO of Hylio and he talks with Dusty about drone technology in relation to the future of agriculture.  
  • Meat Export Trade Mission: Two Ohio agriculturists recently went to Korea with the Meat Export Federation. They talk with Matt about their conversations in Korea around Ohio’s Beef and Grain industries.
  • Devin Dye: Dye talks with Matt about real estate and the sale of farm land.
  • Lisa Mitchell, Gerald Grain: She talks with Matt about the pieces of grain in relation to storage this fall. 

Arthur Erickson9:12
Meat Export Trade Mission13
Devin Dye2:33
Lisa Mitchell12:05
Main Conversation, Michael Bailey22:13

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