Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Ep. 318 | Professionally Building the Next Generation

In this episode of the Ohio Ag Net Podcast, hosts Matt Reese of Ohio’s Country Journal and Dusty Sonnenburg of Ohio Ag Net talk with Julia Brown of the Ohio Soybean Council and Paige Teeters, a senior at Wilmington College. They discuss the Night for Young Professionals that is happening this week at Wilmington College. The event is in partnership with the Ohio Soybean Council and the Ohio Ag Net and Ohio Country Journal. It strives to prepare college students for life outside of education and aims to connect students to industry professionals. 

More in this week’s podcast: 

  • Horacio Lopez-Nicora, The Ohio State University: Celebrating National Nematode day, Dusty talks with Lopez-Nicora about the microscope worms and what affects thy present crops with.
  • Robert Sprague, State Treasurer: Matt talks with Sprague about the Ag Link program
  • Margaret Jodlowski, The Ohio State University: She talks with Matt about the labor challenges that are affecting the agriculture market.  
Horacio Lopez-Nicora6:06
Robert Sprague14:44
Margaret Jodlowski20:16
Main Conversation, Julia Brown & Paige Teeters7:28

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