Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast October 27, 2023

Hit and miss showers over the next two days. Coverage is not impressive, and in general, neither are rain totals. The activity today and tomorrow will be mostly under half an inch with coverage at no more than 40-50% of the state. However we still are looking for a significant round of showers and storms from overnight Saturday night through Monday morning as a cold front sweeps through. Rain totals from that frontal passage can be .25″-1.5″ with coverage at nearly 90% of the state. The map below shows an updated look at rain potential from today through Monday morning, but really we have been talking about this front all week long.

The most impressive feature with the frontal passage will be the change in airmass. Cold arctic air blasts out of the Canadian prairies, races across the Great Lakes and will take control here Monday. Temps will move to well below normal levels. We clear out Monday afternoon and that will allow a hard freeze to dominate Ohio monday night. We stay quite cold Tuesdays through Friday morning with consecutive hard freezes. Daytime highs will be in the lower to middle 40s at best through the period. However, we are mostly dry. We turn out partly to mostly sunny Tuesday through next weekend. The only threat of precipitation we see will be some lake effect at midweek on Wednesday. Most of this will be clouds, but we can’t rule out light rain or even a few wet snow flakes in NE Ohio. Temps start to moderate FRiday midday and afternoon on southwest flow, and we get back close to normal or even a bit above for next Saturday and sunday. The dry pattern continues into the week after next.

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