Ohio Farm Bureau opposes Issue 2

Ohio Farm Bureau is opposed to Issue 2, which would authorize and regulate the cultivation, processing, sale, purchase, possession, home grow, and use of recreational marijuana by adults over the age of 21.

This decision, made by the Ohio Farm Bureau Board of Trustees, falls directly in line with the policies created through a grassroots process for Ohio’s largest farm organization.

“Maintaining a healthy, strong and vibrant workforce is a top priority for Ohio Farm Bureau as our members grow food, fiber and fuel for the world and contribute billions of dollars to our state’s economy,” said Adam Sharp, executive vice president of Ohio Farm Bureau. “The passage of Issue 2 would jeopardize not only the safety of farm and food workers, but the ability to keep employees on the payroll and fill the thousands of positions still needed to keep Ohio’s No. 1 industry moving in the right direction.”

The concerns for Ohio’s workforce due to the influence of recreational marijuana includes increased absenteeism, as well as a decrease in productivity and a negative impact on workplace safety. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, marijuana use in the workplace has been linked to an increase in occupational accidents and injuries due to short-term effects of the drug, such as memory issues, impaired sense of timing, decreased reaction time, altered problem-solving capabilities, changes in sensory perception and impaired body movements.

Ohio Farm Bureau also announced its partnership with the Protect Ohio Workers & Families Coalition in opposition of state Issue 2, which voters will decide on Nov. 7. Other members of the coalition include the Ohio Business Roundtable, Ohio Manufacturers’ Association, Buckeye State Sheriffs’ Association, Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police and Ohio Children’s Hospital Association.

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