Ohio Farm Bureau releases Technology Intelligence Report

Ohio Farm Bureau and Nationwide have created an Ag Intelligence Service report to help guide your technology investment decision-making process. It is designed to help position farm businesses to leverage technology trends on their operations by focusing on six important areas to consider before pulling the trigger on any new technology.

Adopting New Ag Technologies: Tips to Minimize Your Risks,” available exclusively for Ohio Farm Bureau members, will also help farmers understand and implement technology and help evaluate the risks associated with it.

“Technology is changing how farmers get the job done, bringing more productivity and efficiency,” said Adam Sharp, executive vice president of Ohio Farm Bureau. “These advances and those on the horizon have farmers dreaming about what’s next, and this report will help our members better make decisions to turn those dreams into reality.”

The report identifies common pitfalls when adopting new technology and shares tactics to help avoid them. Identifying these risks and making plans to mitigate them can leave you more confident in investing (or not investing) in new technology to ensure your best farm future.

The report will help farmers understand how to:

• Calculate a technology return on investment.
• Understand and identify the hidden costs associated with technology.
• Develop a business plan and budget for funding new technology.
• Evaluate your and your farm employee technology skills.
• Identify training to equip your team with needed skills to implement and
manage the technology or consider a reliance on consultants.
• Conduct regular audits of your farm’s technology needs.

Download the report or visit ohiofarmbureau.org for more information.

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