Two more Ohio Proficiency winners announced

The Friday morning General Session at National FFA Convention revealed a couple more National Proficiency Award winners from Ohio.

Sam Bolen, South Central FFA, Poultry Production  –  Entrepreneurship/Placement
Sam Bolen of the South Central FFA Chapter works for Double A Eggs Farms, a free-range and organic layer operation with two barns that each house approximately 30,000 birds. His duties were initially very simple, but today he is charged with adjusting belts, welding rods on the rock conveyor, advanced troubleshooting, supervising other farmhands, and more. Bolen is supported by his parents, Lorraine and George, and his FFA advisor, Sarah Lucha.

“I’ve learned about feed and water I learned about some of the health issues that can be a problem for the birds and the issues with eggs like deformities,” Bolen said. “I’ve learned a lot of responsibility and time management. I had to work between classes and work I had to learn how to manage time. My boss even let me be the manager there for the last couple of years.” 

Sam Bolen

Bailee Amstutz, North Union FFA,  Sheep Production  –  Entrepreneurship/Placement
Bailee Amstutz of the North Union FFA Chapter sold her first lamb on the sale block when she was 2 years old. At the age of 6,  her grandmother gave Bailee her first show lamb. Today, she has 78 ewes and three rams. Amstutz raised the Reserve Champion Commercial Ewe at the North American International Livestock Exposition (NAILE) in 2021, and a stud buck named Deuces Wild that produces semen and offspring that are sold across the country. She is supported by her parents, Leah and Brock, and her FFA advisors Breck Mooneyham and Thomas Jolliff.

“My biggest accomplishment is probably raising my ewe that was the Reserve Champion Commercial Ewe at Louisville in 2021 and then also a year later raising her maternal brother Deuces Wild. That has been my stud buck that has been allowing to drive my profit sales and drive my operation,” she said. “Semen sales have been a big profit center. Once i started raising Deuces Wild, I’ve been able to collect him and then get semen froze to be able to sell for other customers to utilize.”

Bailee Amstutz

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