John Settlemyre of Warren County worked with Congressman Greg Landsman, who co-sponsored House Bill 1608 for year-round E15.

OCWGA annual meeting highlighted success in 2023

At the Ohio Corn & Wheat Growers Association Annual Meeting held in late November, several growers were elected to office. They were: 

  • Denny Vennekotter from Putnam County for District 3 seat
  • John Linder from Morrow County for District 4 seat
  • Sam Boyce from Richland County for an At-Large seat
  • Scott Ruck from Wayne County for an At-Large seat
  • Gary Wilson from Hancock County for an At-Large seat.

The event was an occasion to highlight the accomplishments of the year, and there were many. One highlight is the ongoing success with the Feed the World program that provides Ohio middle and high school educators with educational materials based on Ohio curriculum standards.

“This year I’m proud of the Feed the World Program. I think that’s a really good program we’ve been funding for the last several years,” said Clark Sheets, chairman of the Ohio Corn Marketing Program. “We’re doing some funding with research for vomitoxin and we’re trying to get some good information on that. Hopefully we can find an answer to that problem. Also we funded an ethanol specialist in the office. Brad Moffitt took that over. He’s really focused in on bringing more stations online with ethanol to put more money in the farmer’s pocket. It is well worth the investment.”

The Small Grains Marketing Program is another of the three independent boards under the umbrella of the Ohio Corn & Wheat Growers Association. Chairman Nick Wolford from Pickaway County was proud of the accomplishments for Ohio wheat growers in 2023. 

“The accomplishments I’m really proud of that we did this year are the trade teams that have come in from Mexico and Colombia and we had some really good interactions with them. And we really pushed more research through Ohio State for help get some yield increases from their research. It looks pretty promising so far and we can get that information out into the farmer’s hands and help everybody grow some better wheat,” Wolford said. “Wheat is a very important crop to this state and it’s underrepresented. I really think that it’s important to keep pushing the envelope with wheat — that’s why the wheat checkoff board is especially needed. We still have some of the highest quality wheat in the world.”

John Settlemyre of Warren County, current Ohio Corn & Wheat Growers Association Board president, was pleased with some legislative progress this year.

“Greg Landsman, my congressman for District 1 in Ohio, he agreed to co-sponsor House Bill 1608 which was year-round E15 and House Bill 648, which is an increase in MAP and FMD funding. Another item I’m very proud of is the H2Ohio funding now in our state budget, which is very important for our members in Northwest Ohio,” Settlemyre said. “Another big accomplishment for this year was the joint letter between API, Farm Bureau, Ohio Corn & Wheat, and Marathon Oil Company endorsing the use of year-round E15. That’s a big accomplishment for us. It’s important to be active in the public policy piece just as it is to be active in producing your crops on your farm.”

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