Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Ep. 328 | Deer Harvest, OFBF Annual Meeting, and More

In this episode of the Ohio Ag Net Podcast, host Matt Reese of Ohio’s Country Journal talks with Dan Armitage who is a freelance outdoor writer and author. Dan is a columnist for the Ohio Country Journal. He talks about deer season and an all encompassing update around the state of Ohio.     

 More in this week’s podcast:   

  • Lindy McLaughlin and Evan Hahn, Farm Credit Mid-America: Dale talks to them about the Stock the Trailer Program through the country fair season. 
  • Bill Patterson, Ohio Farm Bureau President: Dusty talks with Bill to get an update about the recent Farm Bureau Annual Meeting
  • Jack Irvin, Ohio Farm Bureau Vice President of Public Policy: Talks with Dusty about the recent Farm Bureau Annual Meeting including updates on policy. 
  • Elizabeth Hawkins, Ohio State University Extension: Elizabeth works as a field specialist in agronomic systems and she talks with Dusty about how weather patterns are changing in farming and how precision agriculture can help this new challenge. 

Lindy McLaughlin and Evan Hahn3:43
Bill Patterson21:02
Jack Irvin24:50
Elizabeth Hawkins28:58
Main Conversation, Dan Armitage32:30

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