Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Ep. 329 | Festive Folks and Farm Wisdom

In this festive edition of the Ohio Ag Net Podcast, hosts Matt Reese and Dusty Sonnenberg bring holiday cheer and valuable insights from Larry Davis and Elizabeth Long of Ag Resource Management (ARM). As an added bonus, it’s the annual Christmas Sweater Day – so a bit of a festive flair is brought to the podcast!


  • Dale Minyo and Jamie Brown – GrowNextGen Teacher of the Year: Jamie Brown is the GrowNextGen Teacher of the Year from Miami East.
  • Dusty and Leah Curtis – OFBF Policy Council: Dusty chats with Leah about CAUV (Current Agricultural Use Value) and Property Taxes.
  • Dusty and Jordan Hoewischer – OFBF Director of Water Quality and Research: Dive into a discussion at the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation as the two explore topics such as H2Ohio and the Ohio Agriculture Conservation Initiative (OACI), shedding light on water quality and conservation efforts in the state.
  • Special Christmas Message: Stay tuned until the very end as Matt Reese shares a special Christmas message, wrapping up the episode with holiday warmth and good wishes.
Intro and Holiday Sweater Showdown0:00.000
Jamie Brown, the GrowNextGen Teacher of the Year2:59.225
Leah Curtis, Policy Council for OFBF10:45.951
Jordan Hoewischer, Director of Water Quality and Research at OFBF15:14.202
Main Conversatio with Larry Davis and Elizabeth Long from ARM22:03.096
Special Christmas Story37:01.484

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