Case IH’s largest and most powerful tractor ever produced, the Steiger 715 Quadtrac delivers built-in power and speed to cover more ground in less time.

Highlights from the 2024 AE50 Awards

The prestigious AE50 awards from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE)  recognize the industry’s top new products and services for remarkable innovation, significant engineering advancement and impact on their markets. In late 2023, the 2024 awards were announced. A panel of expert engineers meticulously selects the winners, using criteria that emphasize innovation, engineering advancement and market impact as the key determinants. Here are highlights of some the equipment recognized.

Case IH

Steiger 715 Quadtrac 
Case IH’s largest and most powerful tractor ever produced, the Steiger 715 Quadtrac delivers built-in power and speed to cover more ground in less time. The purpose built 715 horsepower-rated, 778 peak horsepower FPT Cursor 16L engine sets a new bar for performance in the most demanding applications. This newest Steiger model introduces the new heavy-duty Quadtrac undercarriage that offers increased traction to keep up with the engine’s horsepower.

Steiger Model Year 2024 line-up 
With a peak horsepower range of 467 to 699, the new Steiger tractors boast updated FPT 13L Cursor engines with an updated fuel system, numerous serviceability improvements and a simplified exhaust system providing improved visibility from the cab.  Steiger 425, 475 and 525 horsepower models feature improved fuel economy as well as 35% faster engine response due to the addition of a new electronically variable geometry turbocharger.

AFS Furrow Command 
Introduced in 2023, Case IH’s AFS Furrow Command improves overall seed and fertilizer depth control by automatically adjusting the hydraulic pressure independently for each frame section. Available on the Precision Disk 550T, 550 and 500DS models, AFS Furrow Command helps make informed decisions on setting downforce via gauge wheel sensors that provide real-time in-cab feedback. 

Toolbar Lift System for 2120 Early Riser Rigid Trailing Planter
The toolbar lift system consists of two unique parallel link assemblies actuated by two hydraulic cylinders, supporting two storage positions, a plant position, and a new transport position that provides industry leading ground clearance in transport for a rigid trailing split-row planter, with a stable ride provided by the positive tongue weight.   

New Holland 

T6.180 Methane Power Tractor

The T6.180 Methane Power tractor from New Holland, the world’s first methane-powered tractor, is designed to minimize emissions and maximize profitability and productivity. The tractor delivers the same performance (equal power, torque and durability) as its diesel equivalent with the added advantage of up to an estimated 30% reduction in running costs. It also offers operators fuel flexibility and can run on either compressed biomethane or compressed natural gas (CNG).

T7.300 Long Wheelbase with PLM Intelligence Tractor

The T7 Long Wheelbase (LWB) with PLM Intelligence tractor features an enhanced FPT Industrial NEF 6 engine that delivers up to 300 maximum horsepower for draft work, PTO and haulage jobs. This machine features the most advanced connectivity packages, meaning operators have access to the latest precision tools, remote support and data management capabilities within the cab.


Fendt 200 Vario Series

The brand’s smallest tractor combines all the world-class features Fendt customers expect of its larger tractors with versatility, lightweight maneuverability and high performance to deliver a feeling of ease, even in tough or unique crop conditions. Fendt 200 Vario tractors are available in North America in three models ranging from 94 to 114 rated horsepower and are available in a standard configuration or in three crop variants as the most advanced specialty tractor on the market today. The tractors are powered by the highly reliable AGCO Power 3.3 L engine and feature the unique Fendt Vario CVT, allowing operators to spend more time and effort focusing on the task at hand instead of shifting gears.

Fendt’s 600 Vario Series tractor features the all-new AGCO Power Core 50, 4-cylinder, 5.0-liter engine in four models from 164 to 224 maximum horsepower.

The Massey Ferguson 500R Series sprayer 

This straightforward, dependable and economical option for growers to help them take control of their chemical application, improve yields and reduce costs. The MF 500R comes standard with LiquidLogic, which ensures constant circulation through the entire system and offers boom clean out, product recovery and no spray priming capabilities, reducing costs and waste.

Massey Ferguson 3 Series Specialty tractors 

This lineup consists of seven models across three versions that focus on meeting the specific and rugged requirements of vineyards and fruit orchards at an affordable price. The MF 3 Series features Stage 5-compliant engines, transmissions with up to 30 speeds, a new operator interface and the brand’s global “Saber” styling scheme. The MF 3 Series offers a wide variety of power settings and modern specifications, including the 3VI.95 at widths down to 39.4 inches (1.0 meters), and the 3GE.95 and 3GE.105 with minimal steering wheel heights of 30.7 inches.

Massey Ferguson 9S Series 

The Massey Ferguson 9S Series tractor expands the brand’s award-winning S Series into the 285-425 hp segment. The 9S provides a superior planting, baling and tillage solution with intuitive operation, ergonomics and increased dependability. The 9S’ 90 gallon-per-minute ECO pump delivers additional hydraulic flow to maximize Precision Planting components at a remarkable 1650 engine RPM, reducing fuel usage and cabin noise levels.

Precision Planting’s SymphonyNozzle 

Precision Planting’s SymphonyNozzle is a pulse width modulation system (PWM) that allows for independent rate and pressure control in self-propelled or pull-type sprayers. These capabilities allow for a consistent droplet size to be maintained across the field regardless of changes to rate or operating speed, providing consistent spraying efficacy across the entire field.

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