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Tony Wisker Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Great Plains visits with Ohio Ag Net’s Joe Everett about their new narrow equipment lineup making it easier for farmers to transport. He also talks about some of the new technology and equipment options. Listen to the full interview above, or read the article below to learn more.

Great Plains is expanding its BD Series drill lineup with a new, narrow-transport model, the BD7410. This 13-foot min-till drill follows in the footsteps of the BD7600, offering the same seeding consistency and durability, while filling the void for producers who need a smaller drill that is simple to operate and transports easily. With a transport width of under 10 feet, the BD7410 maneuvers narrow roadways, bridges, field entrances, and gates.

“The BD7410 brings our 1300 drill into the BD era, making transport easy with excellent ground clearance and a simple folding process. Once the two transport locks are released, the drill folds and unfolds with a lever in the tractor cab. Our engineers designed this unit to have a built-in sequence, so the drill completes one process right after the other with one single hydraulic lever,” said Doug Stucky, Great Plains Drill-line Product Manager.

The BD7410 is available in 6-inch, 7.5-inch, and 10-inch row spacing to fit individual producers’ needs. To maximize productivity, the BD7410 can be transported when full and is offered in a single or optional split-box configuration that can accommodate two products at the same time. The main box has an increased capacity of 50.5 bushels and can support an optional small seeds box with a capacity of 6.3 bushels. With the split-box configuration, fertilizer capacity is up to 45% of the main seed box.

The BD7410 features 00 Series Openers with a durable, welded design and 13.5-inch double disc blades that are offset to slice through residue and fully-penetrate the soil. Multiple press wheel options are available to best match soil conditions.

As a part of the BD Series, the BD7410 has a sturdy box design for added durability and includes other BD features a single hydraulic cylinder for adjustable down pressure, watertight tool box, folding calibration tray, and LED box lights on the lid for filling in the dark. The BD7410 also utilizes the Great Plains Metering System, which meters large seeds, small seeds, fertilizer, and cover crops — all through the same feed cup. With its innovative design, producers can expect consistent seeding, as well as a simpler calibration experience.

To enhance calibration and help current Great Plains drill customers get the most out of their equipment, Great Plains has also released its “GreatPlainsAg” mobile app. The free app allows producers to track and manage their Great Plains drill inventory, access manuals and maintenance guides, calibrate using the step-by-step calibration-assistant tool for improved seeding accuracy, and locate nearby Great Plains dealers. The app covers all current Great Plains drill models, including the new BD7410, BD7600, min-till folding drills, compact drills, and more. The GreatPlainsAg app is currently available for download in the App Store for Apple users or the Google Play Store for Android devices. To learn more about the BD7410 drill and the GreatPlainsAg mobile app, visit


To meet the needs of more producers in the vertical and hybrid tillage space, Great Plains has designed narrow-transport versions of two of its popular soil management solutions: The Turbo-Maxand the Terra-Max.

“The new VT1110 Turbo-Max and the new HT1110 Terra-Max bring new narrow-transport options to producers who face challenges navigating congested or narrow spaces. With these new models, producers with larger horsepower tractors can still maximize efficiency with 20-foot and 25-foot working widths while maintaining a narrow profile — under 12 feet for transport,” said Doug Jennings, Great Plains Tillage & Planter Product Manager.

The VT1110 Turbo-Max and the HT1110 Terra-Max narrow-transport models offer the same features as their full-size counterparts. The VT1110 Turbo-Max delivers the benefits of true vertical tillage, including improved soil health, water infiltration, nutrient absorption, and the creation of high-quality seedbeds. With a choice of 20-inch or 22-inch Turbo blades, optional finishing attachments, and hydraulic gangs that adjust from 0 degrees to 6 degrees, the VT1110 can be customized for optimal performance in both the spring and the fall.

The HT1110 Terra-Max provides exceptional versatility as a hybrid tillage tool, allowing producers to implement variable-intensity tillage and adapt to seasonal conditions for a variety of needs from sizing residue to finishing capabilities. With TurboSpeed blades, the Terra-Max provides multi-season soil management, including soil penetration and breakout, leveling, and weed control.

Both the VT1110 and HT1110 are available with a choice of single or double basket finishing attachments and rolling spike harrows or chopper reels to best fit each operation. These narrow- transport models are also compatible with the Implement Command System to maximize productivity and enhance user-convenience, allowing the operator to set, adjust, and monitor the implement on-the-go and in real time from the tractor cab.

While similarities exist between the Great Plains Turbo-Max and Terra-Max, producers should select the model based on their operations’ needs.  

The HT1110 Terra-Max brings new narrow-transport options to producers at under 12 feet for transport

“The Terra-Max is a highly versatile tillage tool with front gangs that adjust from 0 degrees to 8 degrees and a narrow blade profile that offers complete cutout across the machine. Rolling spike harrows or chopper reels combine with hydraulic down pressure on the rear basket to finish the process. If customers are looking for true vertical tillage, the Turbo-Max is the primary option,” Jennings said. “With gangs set at 0 degrees, it achieves effective ground penetration and vertical, lateral fracture without creating density-change layers. Both of these options take Great Plains to the next level with narrow transport.”

The Great Plains VT1110 and HT1110 are ideal for those who need narrow-transport capabilities without sacrificing working width. To learn more about these models, visit

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