Happy National FFA Week

By Morgan Anderson, National FFA Eastern Region Vice President from the Amanda-Clearcreek Chapter in Fairfield County and OCJ FFA reporter

Listen to Morgan’s full update in the audio player above.

I just got back from spending 10 days in Japan for my international immersion experience with my National Officer Team. While we were there, we did quite literally a little bit of everything from farm tours to sightseeing. We even visited two local high schools and met their FJA chapters. FFJ is a sister organization of FFA so formally it’s called the Future Farmers of Japan and it was so eye opening to see students halfway around the world doing the same concepts of work-based learning, career technical education and trying to work for a better future in agriculture. I think that’s an experience I’m honestly never going to forget.

Now as we look ahead, we are entering National FFA week and I am so excited. I’m going to be traveling to Iowa and Colorado to just celebrate with students one of the best weeks out of the year. I’m going to be going to a Gala while I’m in Iowa on behalf of their foundation and I’m going to hang out in Colorado classrooms while I’m there.

For Ohio FFA I want to wish you Happy National FFA Week. This is a week of celebration. It’s a time of reflection. It’s a time of getting pumped for what’s to come. I encourage you Ohio FFA to engage. Engage in tradition. Engage in progress. Engage in something new and encourage others to do the same. How lucky are we that we get to spend one entire week to celebrate something so special. I’m so excited I get to join you in this celebration. Happy National FFA week Ohio FFA!

FFA Chapters around Ohio and the Nation are celebrating National FFA Week with a wide array of events and activities Feb. 17-24, 2024. This includes Ohio’s Give FFA Day on Thursday, Feb. 22 — a 24-hour fundraising effort for the Ohio FFA Foundation. On Give FFA Day, donors can send a student to the 96th Ohio FFA Convention in May. The Ohio FFA Foundation’s $7,500 goal will cover 250 members’ registration fees. Sunrise Cooperative will triple the first $7,500 in gifts to the Ohio FFA Foundation. For more information visit: ohioffa.org/give-ffa-day/ or check out @OhioFFA on social media. During National FFA Week supporters can also purchase a $1 FFA paper emblem at a local Tractor Supply Co. or online at TractorSupply.com

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