Mahindra unveils new line of compact, subcompact tractors and utility vehicles

Viren Popli, CEO of Mahindra Ag North America visits with Ohio Ag Net’s Joe Everett about their new compact and sub compact tractor lineups. Popli talks about how this new line is more comfortable, easier to operate, and lists some of the newest features. Listen to the full interview in the audio player above, or read the article below for more information.

Mahindra’s newest compact and subcompact tractors were unveiled at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville.

More power, more comfort and cutting-edge intelligence that targets the needs of operators in rural, farm and ranch settings — these are the features of Mahindra’s newest compact and subcompact tractors unveiled at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville.

The new design, engineering and technology platform on which its new tractor models are built has been dubbed “Powered by OJA,” from the Sanskrit word “Ojas,” which symbolizes energy and strength. For Mahindra customers, that means a powerful, reliable and easy-to-operate tractor. Constructed on two different chassis sizes, the new Mahindra Compacts offer cab and open station configurations. Air conditioning is a unique feature of the 2126 compact cab:

  • 1100 models (20-26HP)
  • 2100 models (23-26HP).

 Mahindra Compacts Powered by OJA provides a new experience for operators in three key areas: ease of use, power, and advanced intelligence and operation.

Ease of use

New models include features such as tilt and telescopic steering with conveniently positioned controls as well as side shift controls with color-coded knobs.

Included features:

  • Easy Start
  • Intuitive Controls
  • Side-by-Side Pedals
  • Seat Comfort
  • Climate Control Cab including AC in the 2100 series cab


With its power-to-weight ratio, Mahindra Compact Tractors have higher power availability, making them agile and suitable for various applications.

Included features:

  • Loader Lift Capacity
  • 3-Point Capacity
  • PTO HP
  • Hydraulic Pump Flow


Equipped with a Di engine featuring powerful back-up torque, Powered by OJA ensures superior performance in terms of fuel economy and lugging ability. Additionally, connected features along with advanced hydraulics deliver precision in every farm application, enhancing the overall versatility of these tractors. Equipment includes alerts for GPS Live Location, Service Needs, Critical Functions, Dies

el Usage, and a Productivity Calculator.

Included features

  • My OJA App
  • Push-Button PTO
  • Loader Productivity
  • Implement Control

Mahindra Compact Tractors unparalleled versatility and efficiency to handle the diverse needs of rural living. Mahindra Farm Machinery has collaborated to develop a complete catalog of attachments and implements to provide solutions to meet the needs of rural property owners, ranchers, dairy and small farming operations with superior performance.

“This launch represents a milestone for Mahindra Tractors,” Popli said. “Every one of our upgraded capabilities are designed to improve the customer experience. The power, comfort and advanced features cater precisely to the needs of acreage owners, farmers and ranchers.”

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