A number of buildings were damaged or destroyed in the Feb. 28 tornado that hit Ohio State's Molly Caren Agricultural Center, home to the Farm Science Review.

Farm Science Review to proceed as planned after tornado damage

Severe weather, now confirmed as six tornados by the National Weather Service, moved through central Ohio early in the morning of Feb. 28, 2024, causing significant damage at The Ohio State University’s Molly Caren Agricultural Center in Madison County. 

The center, in London, is the site of the annual Farm Science Review, hosted by the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES). 

No individuals or animals were in the impacted buildings at the time of the storm, and no one was injured. The university is continuing to assess the extent of the facility and equipment damage at Molly Caren and will determine contingency plans once the evaluation is complete.

It has already been announced, however, that CFAES is fully committed to hosting Farm Science Review on schedule, Sept. 17-19, 2024, with either new or temporary facilities in place for the event.

“At this time, we believe at least 10 university-owned buildings at the site were damaged or destroyed. Some privately-owned buildings on Farm Science Review grounds were also impacted, and we are reaching out to their owners,” said Graham Cochran, CFAES associate dean for operations. “We immediately started the recovery process, which will include clearing the debris field and assessments of each building damaged.” 

The site is currently closed to the public due to public safety and structural concerns.

The show will go on in September, said Matthew Sullivan, superintendent of the Molly Caren Agricultural Center.

“Farm Science Review is an annual destination for many and a premier education showcase for the College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences,” Sullivan said. “You know, people go on vacations, but farmers and industry leaders come here to see the latest and greatest in farming equipment and agricultural research. That’s our job—to ensure that when they show up, it’s the best farm show in the United States.”

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