Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Ep. 338 | Howdy From Commodity Classic in Houston

In this episode of the Ohio Ag Net Podcast, host Matt Reese of Ohio’s Country Journal and Dusty Sonnenburg of Ohio Ag Net talk with Tadd Nicholson, executive director of Ohio Corn & Wheat and Jed Bower, a farmer from Fayette County and past president of Ohio Corn and Wheat about the Commodity Classic in Houston. They talk about the Corn Congress at Commodity Classic and the big tickets items such as ethanol, trade and the Farm Bill.  

More in this week’s podcast:   

  • Hilary Poulson, Farm Credit Mid-America: Poulson is the Growing Forward specialist at FCMA and she talks with Dale about the program goal and outlook.  
  • Dr. Aaron Wilson, The Ohio State University: Wilson is the State Climatologist of Ohio and talks with Dale about a look at the weather.  
  • Steve Gerten, Award Winner: Matt talks with Gerten who was named the National Land Improvement Association Contractor of the Year.
Hilary Poulson3:29
Dr. Aaron Wilson15:49
Steve Gerten22:39
Main Conversation, Tadd Nicholson and Jed Bower27:44

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