Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Ep. 340 | Beyond the Barn: Ohio Beef Expo Edition

In this episode of the Ohio Ag Net Podcast, host Matt Reese of Ohio’s Country Journal talks with Elizabeth Harsh, executive director of the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association and Lindsey Hall from Highland County and vice president of the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association Board of Directors at the Ohio Beef Expo. They talk about the record breaking Ohio Beef Expo with the nine sales and market and heifer shows. 

More in this week’s podcast:   

  • Brian Baldridge, Ohio Department of Agriculture Director: Brian talks with Matt about Ohio Ag Week which began March 11 and National Ag Week which starts March 18. 
  • Melissa Tuttle, Clark County Farm Bureau president: Melissa talks with Matt about how the community has responded to the recent tornado damage in the area. 
  • Patty Mann, Farmer in Shelby County and vice president of Corn Marketing Board: Dusty talks with Patty about the corn quality rollout trip to Malta, a country in southern Europe.
Brian Baldridge4:24
Melissa Tuttle11:50
Patty Mann14:56
Main Conversation, Elizabeth Harsh and Lindsey Hall19:06

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