Follow Ohio’s soil temperatures with the new Buckeye Temp Tracker – April 2, 2024

In the first of a new spring series looking at weekly soil temperatures around Ohio, the Buckeye Temp Tracker is powered by BA Genetics and takes note of soil temperatures in four counties each week. Check back each Wednesday for the next update throughout this planting season.

In the interactive map below, click on the thermometer icons to see the soil temperature results from each of the four Ohio counties involved in the program.

Each reading is in degrees Fahrenheit.

Fairfield County

Unworked Corn Stalks – 49 degrees

Worked Ground – 51 degrees

Fayette County

Unworked Corn Stalks – 52

Worked Ground – 50

Mercer County

Unworked Corn Stalks – 45 degrees

Worked Ground – 44 degrees

Ashland County

Unworked Corn Stalks – 43 degrees

Worked Ground – 44 degrees

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