Ohio Farm Bureau Health Benefits Plan now offered to all sole proprietors

Farmers and small businesses with employees have a lot of expenses, but many of them are finding affordable health coverage options through the Ohio Farm Bureau Health Benefits Plan. Now, the plan has been updated to give sole proprietors access to more rate stability and a smart solution that offers potential savings on health care.

“We hope that the Health Benefits Plan will continue to become an even more valuable business solution which is now more readily available to sole proprietors throughout the agricultural economic sector,” said Mike Bailey, senior vice president of operations & partnerships with Ohio Farm Bureau. “These changes will have zero impact on existing employer groups and employees currently enrolled in the plan.” 

Additionally, enrolled members will not notice anything different, nor will their benefits be affected in any way.

The Ohio Farm Bureau Health Benefits Plan can lead to more rate stability and is a smart solution that offers potential savings. In addition to financial protection, this health benefits plan offers:

• Competitive rates through a self-funded arrangement.

• Fixed, predictable monthly payments.

• A variety of plan designs — PPO Deductible with Coinsurance and HSA High Deductible plans.

• Anthem’s broad provider network and Rx formulary.

• Protection from financial liability should your business leave the plan.

The Ohio Farm Bureau Health Benefits Plan is available to sole proprietors and employers of up to 50 employees with headquarters in Ohio. To learn more about how the plan can benefit farms and small businesses in your area, read FAQs, and even get a quote, please visit the Health Benefits Plan Member Resources Page at ofbf.org/membership/benefits/health-benefits-plan/.

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