Deerfield Ag Services awarded Fair Funding Starter Scholarships

Deerfield Ag Services has awarded $5,000 in Fair Funding Starter Scholarships for the 2024 fair season. This year, Deerfield Ag Services is supporting 34 junior fair exhibitors through the scholarship program.

The program began in 2022 with the goal of supporting individual youth exhibitors at the start of their projects to offset some of the initial investments associated with fair livestock projects.

“Junior fair participants are the future of agriculture right here in our community,” said Bill Wallbrown, CEO. “It is important to us that we help ensure these young people have the opportunity to get involved in wonderful programs like 4-H and FFA and foster that love of hard work on the farm.”

While these scholarships will not likely offset the full cost of getting started, Deerfield hopes to make it more attainable for junior fair participants to take part in exhibiting the livestock of their choice.

The scholarship was eligible to students in Portage, Stark, Columbiana, Mahoning and Trumbull Counties. To sign up for the program, students were required to fill out a brief application. The following students were awarded scholarships with amounts varied by the project.

Beef ($350 each)
• Ryder Groselle– Portage County
• Anna Burnett – Mahoning County
•Jaxon Raber – Columbiana County
• Taylor Thompson – Stark County
• Adam Brahler – Stark County
• Tanner Trivisonno – Portage County

Swine ($200 each)
• Lucille Maschek – Portage County
• Kinley Gfeller – Mahoning County
• Delaney Wilson-Scarel – Portage County
• Colt Evans – Columbiana County
• Sarah Helms – Stark County
• Corrinne Sasey – Portage County
• Addison Keller – Trumbull County
• Lily Sanor – Columbiana County
• Isabella Camp – Stark County
• Brynlee Smail – Mahoning County

Goat & Lamb ($75 each)
• Kenlee McCracken – Stark County
• Nathaniel Cattrell – Stark County
• Savannah White – Portage County
• Micheal Elijah Matthews – Columbiana County
• Landen Rappach – Trumbull County
•Alexander Hively – Mahoning County
• Andrew Camp – Stark County
• Owen Mayle – Columbiana County
• Noah Majirsky – Mahoning County

Rabbit & Poultry ($25 each)
• Timothy Logan Holderbaum-McDaniel – Stark County
• Raelynn Ray – Trumbull County
• Daphne Kline – Portage County
• Magnus Sutherland – Mahoning County
• Blake Pyeritz – Portage County
• Brynne Reese – Stark County
• Issac Majirsky – Mahoning County
• Erica Shockey – Trumbull County
• Genevieve Tyler – Stark County

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