Lessons on ‘lead-ur-ship’ with Morris Morrison

Ohio Ag Net Student Reporter Alexis White talks with keynote speaker Morris Morrison following his address at the 96th Ohio FFA State Convention.

Morrison left a lasting impression on FFA members

By Alexis White, Fort Frye FFA

At the 96th Ohio FFA Convention in May, Morris Morrison implanted a lasting impression on the lives of many individuals. Whether his message was given to future farmers, young members of the FFA or older adults, any person could be enlightened by his inspiring message. While FFA is often viewed from the agricultural perspective, Morrison dove into the leadership side of the organization. 

 “I believe leadership is something that starts with the individual,” Morrison said. 

He emphasized the importance of stepping forward as a leader and being a role model for future leaders. He also expressed the significance of both strength and confidence in leadership. In order to further convey his message, he spells leadership “lead-ur-ship.” 

Morrison introduced himself as a person who is thankful for being able to travel, speak and write. Growing up, he experienced a few difficult scenarios, which shaped his wonderful personality today. His main priority, though, is his faith. 

“My faith is a Bible that I read about a dude named Jesus who died for me,” Morrison said. 

As many individuals search to find their character, Morrison is specifically shaped by the importance of Jesus. Faith ultimately defines the uniqueness and personality of every individual, which is why this subject is important to Morrison.

One of the amusing aspects to Morrisons speech was his reference to his gut. His gut, also known as “Kreg,” has led him through many high and low points in his life. While at times, listening to his gut didn’t seem ideal, it was often the right decision. 

“If you learn how to lead yourself and then you have good faith and you become strong… you will learn how to trust your gut,” he said. 

Music has also been an important part of his life. He found great interest in the rap genre of music and has more slowly become a fan of country music. Once he developed a love and passion for the country genre, he became a fan of George Strait, Toby Keith and many others. One of his favorite songs in particular is “As Good As I Once Was.” Another one of his favorite songs was “Should’ve Been a Cowboy” by Toby Keith. 

Morris Morrison has an unforgettable personality, which will continue to leave a lasting impression on individuals he speaks with all around the world, including Ohio FFA members at the 2024 FFA Convention.   

Morris Morrison

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