National FFA’s Morgan Anderson returns to old stomping grounds

Ohio Ag Net Student FFA Reporter Cortney Copeland catches up with Morgan Anderson as she returns to the Celeste Center for the Ohio FFA State Convention. Anderson is currently serving in the prestigious role of National FFA Eastern Region Vice President.

There is no place like home

By Cortney Copeland, Jackson Center-UVCC FFA

At the 96th Ohio FFA State Convention, members joyfully welcomed back Morgan Anderson, an Ohio native and National FFA Eastern Region Vice President. This past November, at the 96th National FFA Convention, Anderson was one out of six esteemed individuals elected to be a member of the National Officer team.

During her highly anticipated homecoming, Anderson had a smile on her face, talking to “her people.”

“Coming back home for Convention has been awesome. Part of being a national officer is they call it the informally the 100,000-mile year, because you cover 100,000 miles whether that’s all across the country or halfway around the world. You gain those miles quick,” Anderson said. “There’s only one Ohio. There’s only one place I call home. To come home and just know people or at least know where they’re from and have that kind of common ground, it’s really nice.”

Anderson also delivered a powerful keynote address at the third general session of the state convention. Drawing from her experience as a kindergarten boys soccer coach, she shared valuable insights on the importance of perseverance and commitment, encapsulated in the phrase “show up and show out.”

To tackle the first half of the phrase above (show up), Anderson says it best: ” Ninety percent of life is just showing up.” As a society, we tend to quit when the going gets tough, and life is constantly throwing challenges your way. But showing up for yourself or others is the hardest thing to do. The saying “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” encompasses just what Anderson said showing up is all about.

Anderson said the latter half of the phrase, show out, means to be there for those who make the decision to show up. Now, many may think that showing up is the hardest part of Anderson’s key phrase, but in reality, showing out for others is the hardest factor. 

“Even in your lowest moments, in order to show out for others, you have to set aside your problems and champion them,” Anderson said. “Because someone else’s personal win is not your loss. We do not just show up; we show out, not only to better ourselves but also to better those around us.”

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