Planting progress moving ahead, but more dry weather needed

Josh Kiser

We were able to start planting on Tuesday and we had a pretty big breakdown on our corn planter, so it took us a couple days fixing that. We were able to start planting again yesterday and got quite a bit accomplished in a short time.

There’s a bunch of people out planting now. We had a pretty fast-moving storm go through Monday and some areas got quite a bit of rain. We just missed the heaviest portion of that storm by maybe a mile, so we’re lucky. There are a few people with some farms that still aren’t ready to plant yet because of that heavy rain, but most people around here started Monday or Tuesday. I would say, in this area, planting is around 25% done, but there have been years where we’re not started at this point. It depends on the year, but it’s pretty common to still be planting now in this area. We need probably another week or week and a half to finish if we had all good days. But I think we’re supposed to be getting more rain Sunday and Monday, so hopefully that doesn’t actually hit us and we can keep going.

The few early planted crops seem to be looking pretty good, at least from what I’ve seen. There is some corn a couple inches tall and there are some beans popping through in this area.  

I think a lot of the spraying has been taken care of this last week. There are a lot of sprayers out now and we’ve gotten most of our stuff sprayed.

With the calendar, I’ve heard some of the bigger guys talking about switching their corn to beans. I know a lot of people, though, tend to just stick through it with their crop rotations, even as we get into June with planting. They’re going to plant what they’re going to plant. We’ve planted corn in June before and it’s been better than what we’ve planted in April, but it all depends on the year.

Jeff Rea

The skies finally cleared and we did get into the field the middle of the week. I think Wednesday morning was the first we got in. We’ve had several rains go around us, so that was good this time. Hopefully it’s not going to be a pattern for the rest of the summer, though. We are just east of the Bellefontaine Ridge so that seems to affect our weather a lot of times and that’s exactly what it does, the rains go around us, so hopefully not this year.

A lot of the people around here started with beans. They got a lot of their beans in earlier and I’m surprised they are coming up pretty well. There are some thin spots because of all the rain we did have, but overall, everything looks pretty good. We’ve just been focusing solely on corn this week and hopefully tomorrow we’ll finish planting our corn. We’ve been hitting it hard this week.

In the early corn I planted in April, I’ve got one field that’s pretty good and I have another I’m little concerned about. It’s starting to come up and you can finally see down the rows, but it certainly took a long time to emerge.

I’m happy with the progress so far. Now the ground is going to be consistently warm, so I’m not going to have to worry about that. The only thing I’m going to have to worry about is any excess moisture coming in. I’m still optimistic. I don’t think it’s that late. We’ve still got a 5 in the month category here, so I think we’re doing pretty well so far.

The seed beans are not in yet but we will be getting them in soon. These are fairly short season varieties, so I think we’ll be alright on those. As long as we get in the next 2 weeks, I think we’ll be just fine. We won’t even remember this.

Matt Spillman

We’ve had a fair amount of moisture here the last 2 weeks and we finally got rolling again in the last couple days. Some of the fields are just getting dried out enough now to get them planted. I think we should have a good day today and hopefully knock on that finishing line, but we might run a day short the way the weather forecast is looking. We’re 90% planted.

The corn and beans that were planted first really look awesome. They’re moving along with the heat we’ve had and now we’re sidedressing corn at V3 or V4, so it’s getting a push from the heat. Throwing sidedressing into the mix while trying to get finished up planting is keeping us really busy.

We’ve had a few spots drowned out and we may spot-plant corn in a few places, but overall, we’ve got a pretty good-looking crop coming on. Weed control seems pretty normal considering all the moisture we’ve had. I’m sure we’ll have to go back and maybe hit a few cockleburs and things like that along the edges and the wet spots, but things seem to be holding up well on the herbicide end of things. Just this week, the slug pressure seemed to increase in some soybean fields with the corn residue. There is some pretty intense pressure in a few areas. I actually treated some slugs here last night where juvenile slugs were fairly heavy. We were seeing five to six juvenile slugs per bean. Hopefully that treatment is going to save some of the beans because they could take out a bean crop pretty quickly if you weren’t paying attention.

John Settlemyre

We have made good progress in the last couple of weeks. There are a lot of folks are finishing up before the holiday weekend. I saw a little bit of a replant going on in some of the crop that was planted May 3 and 4, spotting in a few places that had too much water or some of the white clay areas might have to be replanted. We had 1.3 inches of rain on May 4 and so some of the stuff planted right before that really hadn’t had a chance to start emergence.

Other than that, things are really starting to look pretty healthy. I’ll tell you what, some of this corn that was planted the middle of April looks beautiful.

I hope to be done planting this afternoon. I’ve got 100 acres left by my favorite restaurant. I always try to finish up there, so when I’m done, I can look forward to a good meal. Barring any interruptions with weather or breakdowns, I’ll be done planting in about 3 hours.

We have missed a lot of the rains that the folks north of us had. We had a 16-day rain window where we were out from May 3 until about May the 19. We got a little bit of planting done in the middle, but there was a long wet spell. Overall, temperatures are good, the stands are very good for the most part and we’re happy with it.

Weed control is really good. There are a couple fields that got planted before the pre-emerge was on, so it’s going to be a total post- on maybe 200 acres of beans, but other than that, control looks very good.

I took a little drive yesterday and I saw one or two spots where I think soybeans are a little thin. I think the slugs might be doing some damage, not in every field, but just one or two fields in my little circle that I drive around. There might be just a little bit of that pressure coming up.

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