Planting progresses amidst rain delays

Light but consistent rain showers have kept the soil wet enough to limit fieldwork in some locations, according to Ben Torrance, State Statistician, USDA NASS, Ohio Field Office. Topsoil moisture conditions were rated 3 percent short, 61 percent adequate, and 36 percent surplus. Statewide, the average temperature for the week ending on May 5 was 66.9 degrees, 12.0 degrees above normal. Weather stations recorded an average of 0.98 inches of precipitation, 0.09 inches above average. There were 3.5 days suitable for fieldwork during the week ending May 5.

Rain delays weighed heavily on farmer’s minds. Corn and soybean planting progressed forward to 26 and 20 percent planted, respectively. Oats were 76 percent planted. Winter wheat was 92 percent jointed and winter wheat condition was 71 percent good to excellent. Pasture and range condition was rated 89 percent good to excellent, with greening supported by ample moisture over the previous
month. Farmers reported limited opportunity for planting. There had been a lot of fertilizer work and burndown herbicide applications taking place.

Click here for the full report from USDA NASS.

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  1. Despite rain delays, planting activities are advancing steadily. Farmers navigate through the challenges of unpredictable weather, optimizing planting schedules to maximize productivity. The persistent rain may slow the pace, but it doesn’t deter their determination. With each break in the weather, fields come to life with the promise of new growth. As the planting season unfolds, resilience and adaptability remain the cornerstone of agricultural progress, ensuring bountiful harvests despite the whims of nature.

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