SCN and Soil Health Testing Opportunity for Ohio Growers

Adapted from C.O.R.N 2024-15

Soybean cyst nematode (SCN) is a serious threat to soybean, and early detection is crucial to mitigating its impact on yields. The presence of SCN in a field, and more importantly, the SCN numbers, will determine the most effective management strategy. It is crucial, therefore, to test your fields and know your SCN numbers.

We are pleased to announce that, with support of Ohio Soybean Council, we are once again offering soybean growers the opportunity to submit up to two samples free of charge to the Soybean Pathology and Nematology Lab at OSU for SCN testing. This initiative aims to furnish Ohio soybean growers with valuable information to enhance the protection of their soybean fields against the most destructive soybean pathogen in North America.

Spring is an ideal time to sample for SCN, either before, during, or after planting. Conducting a soil test in spring will indicate if SCN is present and the levels at which it exists. By regularly monitoring SCN populations, we can identify areas that are at risk and implement appropriate management strategies to protect your soybeans. If you intend to collect samples for soil fertility or partake in an on-farm trial that requires soil sampling, a subsample can be utilized for SCN testing.

Additionally, by submitting your soil samples for SCN testing to our lab, you have the opportunity to obtain valuable data on soil health and other soil parameters through our eFields Soil Health on-farm research project. This project aims to provide comprehensive insights into your soil’s condition, helping you optimize fertilization and other management practices for better overall crop performance.

To seize this opportunity, please get in touch with your extension educator, Dr. Elizabeth Hawkins ( [Field Specialist, Agronomic Systems], or Dara Barclay ( [eFields Program Manager]. They will guide you through the sampling process and provide you with the necessary details for submission.

Remember, early detection and proactive management are key to addressing SCN and ensuring the health and productivity of your soybean fields. Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity and reach out to your extension educator today.

Download, complete this Soil Sample Submission Form, and mail your samples to:

OSU Soybean Pathology and Nematology Lab
Attn: Horacio Lopez-Nicora, Ph.D.
110 Kottman Hall
2021 Coffey Rd.
Columbus, Ohio 43210

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