Wet weather continues to hinder planting progress

Matt Spillman

We’re in the same boat here, staying afloat. We’ve had a fair amount of rain here in the last week and a half, anywhere from 3.5 to 4 inches, so we’ve done very minimal field work here lately. The forecast is not looking too promising. 

We’re about 75% done planting corn and soybeans, both are looking fairly well. We may have a few drowned out spots in some of the last planted stuff before the rain, but for the most part, I think everything’s going to be OK.

We got started on Monday 3 weeks ago with soybeans and we kept rolling. We started later that week plating corn, and kept plugging away. Things were going really well. Ground conditions were great. All the seeds we put in the ground went in with optimal conditions and we have well-established stands with all of the moisture we’ve been dealing with.

We had a full day of sunshine on Mother’s Day and things seem to be perking up and moving along again. We covered all of the corn ground with the pre-emerge herbicide and so we’re sitting pretty good on weed control. I don’t see any escapes as of now and things are nice and clean. Hopefully it stays that way.

We’ve seen a few pockets of seed corn maggots getting in some soybeans, but nothing that’s going to be cause for a replant. Here in the last couple of days we’re seeing the evidence of slugs, especially in the wheat stubble.

The wheat crop is looking really good. It seems to be 15 days ahead of schedule. I was able to apply Prosaro and some insecticide and get the timing pretty good on the wheat between the rains.

Jeff Rea

Two weeks ago, I was able to get in and we planted a little over 100 acres of corn. Then it rained that night and we’ve been out ever since. It’s trying to come up. I checked it last week and it was finally starting to spike through a little bit. So, we’ve got that going on but other than that, the rain has been keeping my lawn mower busy.

We do have some guys around here that have a lot of their beans in. They decided to wait until later for corn. I haven’t really seen very many beans up yet, though, because we got some pretty pounding rains. And, on our soils, that doesn’t help anything. 

We’re going into that pattern of weather where it’s very spotty. I know we have people probably about 10 miles away that are rolling because they just didn’t get as much as we did.

We keep getting bookend rains. We get a rain on a Tuesday and then on a Friday or Saturday, and it looks like it’s going to be the same way this week. We’re supposed to get some rain moving in tonight and then tomorrow afternoon and then again on Friday. It really doesn’t look good this week, but I’m hoping that the weatherman is wrong this time.

The weeds are growing. They look pretty healthy and happy. I wish there was a market for giant ragweed, because if there was, we would be in a pretty good place. We have a field across the road that we’ve already sprayed twice and I see there’s a new flush of giant rag coming up. It’s not planted yet, so hopefully we can keep that knocked down this year.

Josh Kiser

It’s pretty wet here. We started spraying yesterday afternoon and it was it was still pretty wet and we were sinking in a little bit of couple areas. East of us around Fremont they they’ve started planting on some of the sandier ground, but west of us around Bowling Green or Weston, they haven’t done a whole lot either.  

We’ve been getting rain about every couple days. As you’re getting to the point where you’re drying up enough to start doing something, it just starts raining again. 

Some people are panicking a little, especially the guys that farm a decent amount of acres, but there is not a lot of that yet. We start planting in late May quite a bit around here, but last year, we were almost all the way done planting by now. There’s a lot of guys around here that won’t even start until May and we’re not too far into May yet. The forecast has rain every couple of days this week, though.

It’s been pretty nice up here temperature wise. It helps when it’s breezy and warm. It dries off quicker but then it just keeps raining. Where we worked the fields last fall, we’re not seeing too many weeds yet, but where we didn’t work any ground last year, we are starting to see weeds popping through. 

We normally tend to plant beans first. It seems like the last few years, we’ve tried to plant our beans first and our yields end up being better. It almost seems like our corn is actually yielding better being planted later. This year we’ll probably end up planting corn first because I think those fields are going to be the driest the fastest. I think we’re going to get our corn ground sprayed today and then once it is dry enough, we’ll start with planting corn.

John Settlemyre

We had a good run April 24 to May 4. Probably three-quarters of the crops have been planted right here around us. Everything that was planted May 4 is actually pushing through. You can row it. Emergence seems to be good and it’s certainly an early start for this area.

In terms of that May 4 afternoon, I think we had 1.3 inches of rain over the next 24-hour period. We got plenty of rain and you can see some washes in some of the fields, but stands are really looking pretty good for what it’s gone through.

Last year we had some early planning too, but not as many days in a row. Last year we probably had 4 good days to plant at this point. We had almost 11 days in April up until May 4. The last 2 years have been quite a bit earlier than the prior 2 or 3.

We’re still kind of cool. The mornings have been down in the 50s, so I think maybe that has slowed some of the insects down a little bit. We were at an outdoor event on Friday evening. It was just beautiful and clear and there wasn’t a single bug out. Normally we’re starting to see something buzzing around being outside like that, but the cooler temperatures I think influenced the insect pressure.

We’ve got a pre-emergence down on everything and with the burndown combination, weed control looks good now. Between now and June 1, I think there are three days that there’s no rain in the forecast, so over the next 2 weeks we’ve got 11 days with at least 30% chance of rain. I think it’s going to continue to be wet.

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