Fundrasing efforts ramp up after devastating horse barn fire

A devastating barn fire in Logan County claimed the lives of 44 horses in June and one man was seriously injured at Brant Performance and Priest Performance Horses near Belle Center.

Eric Priest, the owner of Priest Performances Horses, suffered second- and third-degree burns, but is expected to recover. The 60,000-square-foot barn that housed around 85 horses and had employee living quarters is considered a total loss, estimated to be over $1 million. The cause of the fire remains under investigation, but no foul play is suspected.

There has been a significant outpouring of generosity in the wake of the fire. GoFundMe pages for the involved families are (Brant) and (Priest). In addition, there is an auction fund raiser, Brant and Priest Family Fund Raiser, that will take place from June 24-26. They’re currently taking donations. From custom riding gear and training services to breedings and veterinary care, the community has been busy donating various items and services.

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