Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Ep. 350 | Decoding Carbon Intensity Scoring and Tackling Farm Finances

In this episode, Matt and Dusty chat with Marlene Eick and Tadd Nicholson from Ohio Corn & Wheat about the buzz around Carbon Intensity Scoring. They break down what it means for the future of commodity corn production and its broader implications for the agricultural sector. Understand how this scoring can drive sustainability and profitability on your farm.

Dale Minyo brings valuable insights from Farm Credit Mid America and his discussion with Brock Burcham on managing farm financial stress. Learn about practical strategies to maintain financial health and stability amid economic challenges.

We also feature audio from GrownNextGen at COSI, discussing their efforts to train the next generation of scientists in agriculture. Discover how innovative educational programs are shaping the future of the industry.

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