Planting season nearing completion statewide

Jeff Rea

We have had some nice weather. We got a nice window of opportunity to get some beans planted. We’re down to about 100 acres left, so I fully expect to be able to finish this week. We had some rain on Wednesday and we only got 1.5 inches here, but some of our other farms got upwards of 4 inches. Of course, those are the fields that we need to finish planting. We’re going to be checking them out probably this morning to see if they dried out so we can finish planting.

It’s becoming the new normal to have just a few precious days to get in and then just really hit it hard. We’ve increased the size of machinery and equipment so that we can get a lot done in a smaller window of time. That’s about par for the course now it seems. I think we’ve had 3 years that we haven’t got everything planted, which I think is pretty good. So, this is not the most challenging we’ve ever seen. I think we’ll be OK as far as timing goes for planting this year.

I was a little concerned about the first beans we planted 2 weeks ago. Until we got the rain on Wednesday, they weren’t showing up out of the ground at all. That rain broke some of the crust on top and got them through. The later ones we planted are getting out of the ground fairly quickly. I noticed a lot of the crops planted in April look pretty good, but they have some drowned out spots where they had some water standing.

The way it looks this week, we’ll make sure we get the last beans in and then I only have about 70 acres of corn that really need sidedressed right now. We’ll probably get beans planted, sidedress and then we’ll probably try to get some hay made too.

Hannah Kiser

Things are going great. The last couple of weeks we’ve had about an inch of rain. It’s been pretty sporadic, and everybody is getting in the fields. Things are getting planted. It’s awesome, long-awaited progress, finally. At the beginning, I think we were all getting worried. A lot of our seed customers were upset. You’d only get about half a day to do anything. Now here the last week and a half and then with this upcoming week, I think we’ll finally see planting get finished up in this area.

We finished on Saturday afternoon with our last soybean field. We’re hoping here later in the week or maybe this weekend we’ll be able to sidedress. I would say around here everyone’s pretty close, maybe 75% done planting. Some of the larger guys are still going. We delivered some corn Saturday morning. Some guys are sidedressing corn too, so there are all different levels of progress. A couple weeks ago we had a customer who decided to not plant any corn and they switched all to beans, but honestly around here most people are just sticking with their hybrids. There are a lot of corn acres around here this year, more than we’ve seen in the past couple of years. The last couple of years corn has been expensive to plant and maybe people are trying to get it back in their rotation.

So far, all the corn looks really good. Our corn actually is probably one of the best corn crops we’ve had with how green it is and the stands look really good. We’ve had a couple rain showers here and there, but it hasn’t been like the rains we were getting earlier on in the season. We’ll get maybe a tenth or 2 tenths here and there, which is exactly what these acres need to pop out of the ground. I think with this heat coming, it’ll really start growing. And we’ve got hay that we cut a couple days ago we need to bale. Our rule of thumb is that we don’t touch the hay until we’re done planting. We finished planting our field Saturday while Josh’s Dad was cutting hay to bale later in the week. It looks like pretty nice hay making weather.

Matt Spillman

We’re done planting, finally. We’ve had a really nice past week and a half and we’re actually three-quarters of the way done sidedressing corn now too. We started sidedressing a couple weeks ago on that early planted corn. For a while there, we were getting just enough rain to keep us from planting, but the fields were fit enough to run that sidedress bar.Corn is looking really good, same with beans. I think we’ll see some flowers on some early planted beans here maybe by the end of the week. We’re also going to do some spraying on the beans to get them cleaned up for a final time.

We finished our last field of beans last night. It’s a field we’ve been doing some extra work on and we’ve been taking extra time to get that cleaned up. Other than that, we’ve been done plating corn since May 31.

As far as the corn going in around Memorial Day, that’s pretty normal and that that doesn’t concern me at all as far as major yield hit or anything. That ground sometimes takes that long to get dried out and with the weather stretch we’ve had here, that corn is out of the ground and off to a great start. It didn’t have any stressful weather as far as too much moisture.

We’ve had some more slug pressure in some of the no-till beans. We treated some of those fields and they’re shaping up to look pretty good, but there was definitely some heavy slug pressure out there this year, more so than the last few years.

The wheat is looking really good. I think it’s going to be early on the harvest. I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re cutting  by June 20, which would probably be a week early. It’s really turning a gold color. That may give us a good chance for nice double-crop beans.

John Settlemyre

We’ve got sunshine for the next 7 days. A lot of guys are getting pretty well along with sidedressing. We’re starting to spray some post- on some of the soybeans that were planted the last part of April.

For planting, we had 10 or 11 days the last part of April and then we got a heavy rain there around May 4. Some of the stuff we planted May 4 was a little sketchy. We’ve been filling in some of that with replant. I think we got back after another 10-day break. Then we got back in and finished May 18.

The crops look really healthy. It takes a little longer for them to get out of the ground sometimes just because of the cooler temperatures, but the stands are there and uniform. We haven’t had any rains over a half inch for the first 2 weeks in the ground for this crop. I’m quite pleased.

There’s concern about crop prices. Beans spiked a little bit last week and then they dropped back down below $12. With corn, we’d like sure like to see a 5 in that front number. We’d like to get the prices back up a little bit, but I think on the agronomic side, it’s right where we want to be.

So far, grass control is really good. Most everyone around here puts down something like metribuzin pre- and you don’t have a lot of large seeded broadleaf control, so you start see some giant ragweed maybe some thistle, cocklebur here and there. Some of that stuff that we’ve got to clean up yet.

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