Bill Knapke

Farm: Meiring Poultry

Watershed: Stoney Creek – Wabash River

Conservation Practices:

  • Buffer Strips
  • Waterways
  • Cover Crops
  • Nutrient Management (4Rs)
  • Soil Nutrient Testing
  • No Till
  • Water Nutrient Testing/Edge of Field Monitoring
  • Wetlands

Other Enhancements:

  • Iron Slag Phosphorus

Water Quality Improvement Summary:

Meiring Poultry has built a reputation for making conservation a priority.  Bill Knapke, who runs the poultry, hog and row crop operation, has implemented several practices to monitor and improve soil and water quality. These include waterways, cover crops and no-till practices to prevent erosion and help hold nutrients in the soil. The farm also features wetlands that help filter and slow down the water to help reduce the flow of nutrients.

They follow a nutrient management plan and Bill utilizes a manure storage facility to hold fertilizer until it can be sold and applied at the right time. In addition, the farm hosts two Edge of Field water monitoring stations to measure nutrient runoff of different farm practices and utilizes an iron slag filter, which catches and retains phosphorous from drainage water.

“We have an opportunity to grow better crops and at the same time help improve water quality and the community that we live in,” said Bill. “We’re just trying to do our part.”