Bret Davis

Farm: Davis Farms

Watershed: Scioto River and Olentangy River

Conservation Practices:

  • Buffer Strips
  • Waterways
  • Cover crops
  • Nutrient Management (4Rs)
  • Variable-Rate Technology
  • Soil Health Monitoring
  • Soil Nutrient Testing
  • No-Till
  • Vertical-Till

Water Quality Improvement Summary:

Bret Davis has implemented conservation practices on his family farm to improve its safety and sustainability. Davis Farms utilizes a variety of practices, including buffer strips and variable-rate technology, to keep the nutrients applied to their fields where they were placed.

Focusing on soil health is the most important aspect of the farm’s operations. Davis plans to continue improving soil structure by eliminating compaction, enhancing drainage and ensuring cover crops are keeping the ground covered at all times.

“As best practices change, farmers adapt as soon as we can,” Davis says. “We do everything to be sustainable.”