Doug Longfellow

Doug Longfellow, Darke County, Nov. 11

“A lot of people have wrapped up here in the last couple of days. We are still getting a fair amount of corn and there are still plenty of parts of western Ohio where there is corn standing. We have really had some pretty decent weather in the past couple of weeks to get things done.

“I hear yields all over the board from average to above average to extremely above average. Everybody is about at average or above, just how far above is different from 10% above to 30 or 40% above.

“Most people are just relieved that the market did not tank on Friday. The markets are getting a little more accurate numbers now. I think we’re going to see a more steady market without as many spikes as we have seen in recent years. That is going to take watching things a little more closely for opportunities to sell.… Continue reading

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Doug Longfellow, Darke County, Oct. 28

“The big news is that our baby boy was born on the 13th, right in the middle of drying corn. He was two weeks early and the timing was horrible — not that we are not thankful.

“We are finished up with harvest. We finished beans and corn on Friday the 18th. That is a lot earlier than other guys. There are more finishing up every day. By the  time it rains later this week, there will be a lot of guys done. There is a lot of work to do in some areas yet. It is one of the earlier finishes for us. We missed a lot of rains this year.

“We’ll end up 10 or 15 bushels above average. It is not as high as some areas, but we were pleased with what we had. We had 150 acres of one corn hybrid that green snapped more than other varieties and it shaved 20 or 30 bushels off of that yield.… Continue reading

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Doug Longfellow, Darke County, Oct. 7

“Our drought conditions are over. We got between 2.5 and 3 inches of rain from Friday through Sunday. We were making good progress. We finished beans on Sept. 27. Usually it is the first couple of days in October when we finish. We planted them early and they dried down well. We had some high 40s and some over 60 bushels. We ended up about 12 bushels better than average and we were really tickled with that. In our area the range is 45 bushels on the rougher soils on up to the high 60s in better fields. There was a huge range.

“The beans would test 11% or 12% on moisture, but we were running leaves and stems through the combine. The beans that were dry that died prematurely were shattering at the sickle.

“We seeded another 200 acres of cover crops and they are all up and that has worked out well before the rain.… Continue reading

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Doug Longfellow, Darke County, Sept. 23

“There have been a fair amount of beans and corn run. It has been drier out here so we could get in a little earlier.  We have run about 170 acres of beans. There have been some pleasant surprises. We have been about 20% above average so far on soybeans. The average should be north of 50 bushels. We’ve had some in the 60s and some in the high 40s. It looks to be 10 to 15% on moisture. We did 25 acres of corn. It was at around 21% on moisture. I think it will be above 160 bushels. It was 107-day maturity planted in early May. We are more pleased with beans at this point. We had some neighbors with some early maturing beans yield in the high 60s. They were really pleased.

“We got 3.2 inches of rain last week, but we are fueling up the combine right now.… Continue reading

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Doug Longfellow, Darke County, Sept. 9

“We had another batch of storms last weekend and we got a quarter of an inch. It was better than nothing, but we still have less than an inch in the last 30 days. We’re still not complaining and we will have something decent to harvest. The timing was not that great with the dry August. The drought monitor is just catching us on the first stage of the drought.

“We would have really had some bumper stuff if we would have gotten rains in the last month, but it is still amazing how well things are podding up and filling kernels with so little rain.

“Everything is starting to turn now and diseases are a non-issue at this point. I have been hearing of corn yield estimates of everything from 150 to 250 depending on your soils and the rain. It looks like we will probably run a field of beans towards the end of the week.… Continue reading

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Doug Longfellow, Darke County, Aug. 26

“We got a half a tenth of rain on Thursday and the southern part of the county got 2 inches. We are extremely dry and we are losing corn yield every day. What we thought was going to be above average corn is now getting closer to average corn. I walked a bunch of fields Friday. There is a lot of green still there and it pollinated well, but it is not going to fill correctly unless we get some rain soon. We are losing that top end yield right now. We still have good corn but it is going the wrong direction right now.

“Beans still look good and have a chance of being above average. We are still filling pods and sometimes beans will sit and wait on a rain. I am not as concerned about beans as I am with the corn. They are showing signs of stress on the hills but otherwise they look pretty good.… Continue reading

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Doug Longfellow, Darke County, Aug. 12

“We got anywhere from .75 inch to 2 inches of rain last week. Some of the corn could use more because we are still plenty dry. We have not gotten that much rain this season and we could use more.

“We are in prime filling time for corn kernels and bean pods. Our earliest maturity corn has a couple of kernels just starting to dent and we wish it were a little further along. We have seen a few Japanese beetles around the edges and some grasshoppers. We are worried about an early frost and we are worried about wind.

“It could be a wet corn harvest and we need some sun and heat in the next month for things to come around. Another good rain would finish up the corn. Things look good, though, and we have good prospects. We are hoping for good test weight and we are excited about the yield potential out there.… Continue reading

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Doug Longfellow, Darke County, July 22

“We got maybe a tenth this morning and the rain was very spotty over the weekend. We had an inch total, but it ranged everywhere from a tenth to 1.5 inches. We’re still on the dry side here. The beans love this but the corn could use another shot of rain. We’ll take what we’ve got, but we would love a little more rain.

“On our fields, most of our corn had some pretty big spots where the corn laid over sideways from the wind. It rebounded really well. We were kind of sick after it, but were really surprised how well it came back. We didn’t have green snap and there were not really any flat fields in this area. I would say there was less than 3% to 5% yield loss around here from wind damage.

“We need to keep scouting. I was over all of our bean acres last week and I did not see any insects at that point.… Continue reading

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Doug Longfellow, Darke County, July 8

“We have had plenty of moisture, but it is not overboard. Most guys in our area are bringing in wheat that is 17% to 20% moisture, so it is still plenty wet.  With all of the rain every day, they are concerned about getting it out of the field. All of the yields are looking to be above average, so that is good and we are not seeing significant quality problems yet. The wheat harvest is just getting started.

“I would say most of the corn in this area will be in tassel this week or next week. That is good because we have moisture and it looks like pretty steady temperatures in the next couple of weeks. The large portion of the county has really good potential for both corn and beans at this point. The corn has been loving this weather and the beans look good, but they have not liked the cool weather a whole lot.… Continue reading

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Doug Longfellow, Darke County, June 24

“We got the big two-inch rain from the wind storm they were talking about and we haven’t had any since. There have been spotty storms right around us where some places got up to 1.5 inches. We didn’t get a drop. We were kind of disappointed about that.

“The corn is starting to curl a little bit and we need some more rain. That two inches disappeared in a matter of days. The grass is looking kind of dry. The crops are still looking pretty good, but we feel like we’re getting towards losing some yield potential if we don’t get some rain. Hopefully in the next couple of days we’ll catch some of these spotty showers. The humidity is helping some with these heavy dews that keep things going.

“Wheat looks good and I think in the next couple of weeks that will be in full swing with harvest. I have heard quite a few people talking about double-crops.… Continue reading

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Doug Longfellow, June 10

“We got four or five tenths this morning and we’ll take it. We haven’t really had a good soaker since April. We only had an inch of rain in May. We’re a little short on moisture and a good soaker is really what we need.


“Stands are as good as we can expect. When we sidedressed corn we were able to really get a good look at things and the corn is coming up pretty well. I think if we get the summer weather, we have really good potential at this point. We have not seen anything in terms of insects and diseases that are of concern yet. Part of that is because we really have not had that much rain.


“We have had a few sales with this latest spike in the market. My suggestion is that, if you haven’t done anything yet, now is the time to at least get started to get a few bushels hedged ahead of time.… Continue reading

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Doug Longfellow, Darke County, May 24

“We finished on Wednesday last week. We’re really pleased with the planting dates and everything is coming up really nicely. We really haven’t gotten much rain in the area. They were calling for rain so we were really pushing to get things done, but we still haven’t seen much rain. We need a shower before too long. There are no real chances any time soon. There is moisture down there and things are coming up, but a shower sure would help right now.

“Everything went in really well. We had plenty of days to get done, the date was right and the conditions in the soil were pretty decent. Looking back, this has been one of our better planting seasons. Our planting date was right at normal, and as far as planting days and the conditions, everything has been normal and good. Most guys in the area are done or are close to done.… Continue reading

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Doug Longfellow, May 13

“We finished planting corn last week and we got a half-inch of rain here at the shop on Friday. We’ve planted a few beans, but we’re going to hit it tonight or tomorrow and just let that half-inch dry a little bit. We’re going to spray today. We got our burndown and 2,4-D on the beans done last week. I have 400 acres of corn to spray. We should get that done and make a big dent in the beans before it rains again on Wednesday night.

“We did not get any frost. It was in the high 30s. The corn planted beautifully last week and we’re really pleased with where we are right now. The planting date is right where we want it to be. We want to get as much done this week as we can, though, before this next rainy spell. We have had gentle rains here and we are really pleased so far.… Continue reading

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Doug Longfellow

“I am the third generation on the farm and I farm with my dad. We farm about 1,000 acres between him and I with the custom farming we do. I also sell crop insurance and work at Rogers Grain elevator in Covington. My wife and I have one daughter and one on the way in October. We’re hoping for an early harvest.

“We’re 100% no-till corn and soybeans. We had a really rough 2012 so we’re looking forward to 2013 to get a good start to the growing season. We’re in the central part of Darke County. We caught the worst of the drought last year, but we feel like we have plenty of moisture going into spring.

“We got out really early last year and, looking back, that turned out to be a negative thing. This year we’re just looking to get out when it’s fit and hopefully catching a better growing season.… Continue reading

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