Louie Rehm

Louie Rehm, Wayne County, Nov. 11

“We got the beans done over the weekend, got our lime spread and a lot of manure has been hauled. We still have 80 acres of corn to left to harvest but we’re in better shape now that we got caught up on these other things. We’re running out of room because we have had a really good corn crop this year.

“We’re going to average in the upper 220s or 230s straight through. We had some fields average in the 270s and 280s. I knew it was going to be good when I was chopping and it stayed good the whole way through.

“We had test plots average 89.5-bushel beans in the test plots. We had some 102-bushel beans in the best ground. They were planted at the right time. We need to plant in the first and second week of May here and waiting to plant paid off here.… Continue reading

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Louie Rehm, Wayne County, Oct. 28

“The last two weeks have been cloudy and drizzly and it has not been good going. The wheat we planted after corn silage is looking great. The wheat we planted two weeks ago when the ground was a little heavier is not doing so well. This week is supposed to be warmer and that will help the wheat.

“We have done a few acres of high moisture corn that we are putting right in the silo. We grind most of our corn — the cob and ear and all — for feed.  All our corn goes through the cattle. It is really good corn but we don’t know what yields are because it is going right in the silo. We are half done with beans and I would guess we are in the high 50s and low 60s for yields so far. We harvested our test plot today and it averaged 86.8 bushels per acres in our really good dirt.… Continue reading

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Louie Rehm, Wayne County, Oct. 7

“We had 2.7 inches of rain. It was just getting ready to go for corn and beans and it turned wet. We’re ready to go as soon as the weather cooperates. There has only been a very small amount of corn and beans done around here. The bean yields I have heard have been 40 to 67 bushels for averages.

“We’re done with silage and it took 30% less corn than it did last year. When you chopped the corn it was just awesome. There is some good corn out there.

“We finished up with fifth cutting hay and it was some of the nicest fifth cutting we’ve done in a long time. We had beautiful weather for it 2 weeks ago. The weather could not have been better. You don’t have much sunlight to work with this time of year and you have to be ready.

“Our beans are still looking really good, but I bet we can’t do anything until at least Thursday.… Continue reading

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Louie Rehm, Wayne County, Sept. 23

“We got a little bit of fifth cutting hay done and it was good. I am going to finish mowing hay today hopefully. We still don’t have the quality, but we have the quantity. We are 70% done with corn silage. It is very consistently good corn. Our silo was completely empty this year and once we start chopping, we start feeding corn right away. The corn is just beautiful. The moisture is just right. We are right there in the high 20s and low 30s on the tonnage.

“There has been no field corn harvest or soybean harvest around here yet. We’ll put wheat in after the silage as soon as the weather gets nice. The beans are going to be later this year. They are pretty green yet and probably need another two weeks.

“We had 1.9 inches of rain last Friday. It was a little slippy on top when we chopped silage on Saturday.… Continue reading

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Louie Rehm, Wayne County, Sept. 9

“It just looks great. We got about three tenths of an inch of rain on Labor Day, which should be enough to finish the crops. I’ve talked to guys in other areas that are hurting bad.

“Harvest is still a long ways off. Some of the corn is just getting past the milk stage. Silage corn could maybe get started the first part of next week. We have to fill three silos and that will take maybe 70 acres. We already started chopping corn. It will take a lot less acres because the corn is so good. We were doing yield checks and we have been consistently getting 240 or 260 or 270. We did a quick check at a couple of rows where we planted at 60,000 population and it was 356 bushels per acre. It wouldn’t stand well though because the stalks were so small, but we had 59 ears in 17.5 feet.… Continue reading

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Louie Rehm, Wayne County, Aug. 26

“We had over an inch of rain last Thursday and it has been hard to make hay but everything else just looks as great as can be. We’re on fourth cutting with the hay and it has been hard to dry with the cloudy weather and damp days. The trees started to turn the first of August and that is very unusual. There are a lot of trees already turning around here.

“I don’t know that I have ever seen better corn in this area. It is dark green and hasn’t showed any signs of dryness or changing color unless it is running out of nitrogen. The beans are still filling yet. We have gotten 2.2 inches of rain in August and that is just right.

“We have not found any signs of serious bug problems. We put wheat in after we chop corn so we’re going to get on that as soon as the corn gets chopped.… Continue reading

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Louie Rehm, Wayne County, Aug. 12

“What happened to August? We went from July to September. It is supposed to warm up here for a couple of days, but then get cool again toward the end of the week. I think we are looking at a later harvest because of this cool weather we have been having. It really set the corn and the beans back. We sprayed our beans with fungicides. I have beans waist high and podded from the top to the bottom and the corn looks super good. I don’t know how it could look better.

“The hay price is holding strong but making hay is a disaster now because we can’t get enough drying time. There is not much good quality to be found out there. We have half of the third cutting made but we are having trouble getting it dried. We need sun and we’re not getting it. The yield of the hay is there but we can’t get the weather for it.… Continue reading

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Louie Rehm, Wayne County, July 22

“We are just adequate on moisture. We got four-tenths last week, but with the rain we got things are looking just great. The wheat was pretty good. It was running right in the mid-80s. We had one load out and it was just over 59 test weight and no sprouts so far. There is still a little bit of wheat to take off around here.

“I never saw as good of a second cutting for hay as I did this year. It was a little later than we like, but it was good quality hay. We have third cutting ready to cut now, but I think we’ll wait until Thursday because of the rain.

“The corn is starting to pollinate and I don’t know that I have ever seen better looking corn around here. It is a lot different than it was last year. The thing that scares me is that this corn is so tall that it could go down this fall.… Continue reading

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Louie Rehm, Wayne County, July 8

“We’ve been missing a lot of these rains. We’re just at adequate moisture right now. We had a half-inch of rain on Saturday night and before that we just got a few tenths. We haven’t had the big rains like a lot of people.

“The corn looks awesome. I don’t know that I have ever seen corn as nice as it is in this area. We have corn that is seven feet tall already and it is still a week away from tasseling. We’ve had ideal conditions for corn.

The beans don’t look too bad either. There are not very many yellow spots. A lot of the beans are between knee and waist high. When you hear about the drowned out spots in some areas, it makes you feel fortunate to have missed some of these big rains.

“We didn’t get into any hay for two weeks because of the drizzle and light rains.… Continue reading

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Louie Rehm, Wayne County, June 24,

“We got two inches of rain in one field down the road and where I live we got five tenths. We’re doing fairly well with moisture so far, but those hot days really pull it out fast. We have all of our corn sidedressed. The corn and soybeans up here were looking really good but we needed some sun. Now we got the sun and things are really coming on. Some of the corn is shoulder high.

“Wheat is looking really good, but there are still two weeks before harvest. There is still some green in it. We put fungicide on three weeks ago. The further north and east you go the further you get behind the rest of the state. To the south you get more sunny days and things dry down faster. Those cloudy days make a big difference on drying down.

“We baled some second cutting hay but it doesn’t dry as well in the humidity.… Continue reading

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Louie Rehm, Wayne County, June 10

“The replanted corn is so much nicer. Now I wish I had replanted more. Because of the frost, the rest of the corn is stunted back and doesn’t look so good.


“The second cutting hay is looking super. We’ll start mowing it again in a week and a half or so. The first cutting was probably average. We are running a week behind, though. We usually like to get our first cutting done the last week of May so we can get the second cutting hay out of the way before wheat. We’re also trying to topdress and spray corn. Some of the early corn is really coming on.


“We got an inch of rain already and it is pouring right now. We had a lot of rain last week too. We have a surplus of rain now. The tile are running strong.


“I went to Indiana last week and they are hurting in western Ohio and eastern Indiana.… Continue reading

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Louie Rehm, Wayne County, May 24

“Yesterday I was mowing hay in the afternoon. I pulled into the field with the air conditioner on and by the time I pulled out of the field I had the heater on. It changed that fast. Ain’t farming fun!

“We got the corn all planted. With the machinery we have today we can go at a pretty rapid pace. I always say the first of May is the time to plant corn, and the beans and corn both went in the ground in beautiful conditions. We finished corn last Friday when we put in different test plots for different seed companies. The seed treatment on this corn makes a difference in how it comes up. Some of it came up in five days. Corn likes warm weather and we had the heat. We got .9-inch of rain and it put a little crust on some of the fields. The corn struggled just a little bit.… Continue reading

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Louie Rehm, May 13

“We had frost this morning. Down in the bottoms it was white. I think it got down to 29 degrees — it was chilly. I have about 70% of the corn planted and haven’t planted any beans yet. We had .9-inch of rain on Friday. It looks like rain Wednesday or Thursday with some warmer weather.

“The hay is ready to cut. Hay is the priority. We’ll get the hay off and then work through the corn. It may not be fit to plant corn anyway.

“I started planting corn on May 3 on the upper ground in well-drained soil and it worked up pretty well. The bottom ground is still a little heavy yet. The corn I planted on May 3 is just spiking through. When you plant and get the rain, then the sun comes out and you get a crust on top. I hope that is not a problem with the 80-degree weather we’re supposed to have this week.… Continue reading

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Louie Rehm

“I live in Orrville and I farm about 600 acres. We have around 300 head of beef year round with wheat, hay, corn and soybeans. We probably have better than 100 acres of hay. If some of it looks bad after first cutting, we take it out and put beans in. There is a very good market for hay in this area.

“I got started farming back in 1973 and this will be my 41st year of farming. I started before I got out of school and I have enjoyed every year. Every year is a new challenge. I just take what the good Lord gives me every year and, after all of this time, I am still here. I have been well blessed over those 40 years. Last year we put a new controlled drainage system in and we put another system in last fall. We’ve already got our gates down to hold all the subsoil moisture we can as long as it stays dry on top.… Continue reading

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