2013 Between the Rows

Paul Ralston, Hardin County, Sept. 9

“I am just cleaning up at the Hardin County Fair. The weather was great and the kids got paid pretty well, so I think it went alright.

“Two weeks ago we got an inch of rain or so, but we haven’t really gotten much rain since. If we got a rain, some of these later beans could use it, but I think now we’re in the last stretch and things are finishing up.

“There were people at the fair saying their beans were changing. I am wondering if that is some SDS showing up, because I haven’t seen any of my fields changing much yet. I think we’ll shell corn before we cut beans, but a lot of that depends on the weather.

“It will be a big harvest and a lot will depend on how we can get rid of the crop too. I hope it is not a late harvest.… Continue reading

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Paul Ralston, Hardin County, Aug. 26

“We got a little over an inch of rain last week. We were getting a little dry, but I am not happy I have to mow grass again, though I was glad to get the rain. I am driving around this morning looking at corn fields and I am pretty excited. Things look pretty good. It looks like it is going to be a good year.

“I think the beans are going to be closer to average than what I was thinking they would be. They have greened back up and they are still putting pods on. I hope we have a late frost so they can die naturally. I don’t think we will be cutting any beans in September. I don’t see them getting ready before then.

I think the cool weather has pushed the corn back a little and has lengthened the growing season. We will get enough heat to make a crop.… Continue reading

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John Hoffman, Pickaway County, Aug. 26

“We have had some pretty decent rain in August. We could use another rain any time for the soybeans, but I think the corn is pretty well done.  At some point in time I will go out and do some pod counts. We’ll probably have some corn that will be ready to go in maybe two or two and a half weeks.

“Our beans were planted in good time. I don’t think we are really at risk for an early frost and I don’t think late maturity is a big concern. Now, for our double-crops, I’d like to see a later frost.

“Our beans down here usually start to turn around Sept. 5, but every year is different. I think there is a chance for some rain and more heat this week and I think that will push things along pretty rapidly.

“I think we have been able to avoid most of the insect issues.… Continue reading

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Doug Longfellow, Darke County, Aug. 26

“We got a half a tenth of rain on Thursday and the southern part of the county got 2 inches. We are extremely dry and we are losing corn yield every day. What we thought was going to be above average corn is now getting closer to average corn. I walked a bunch of fields Friday. There is a lot of green still there and it pollinated well, but it is not going to fill correctly unless we get some rain soon. We are losing that top end yield right now. We still have good corn but it is going the wrong direction right now.

“Beans still look good and have a chance of being above average. We are still filling pods and sometimes beans will sit and wait on a rain. I am not as concerned about beans as I am with the corn. They are showing signs of stress on the hills but otherwise they look pretty good.… Continue reading

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Louie Rehm, Wayne County, Aug. 26

“We had over an inch of rain last Thursday and it has been hard to make hay but everything else just looks as great as can be. We’re on fourth cutting with the hay and it has been hard to dry with the cloudy weather and damp days. The trees started to turn the first of August and that is very unusual. There are a lot of trees already turning around here.

“I don’t know that I have ever seen better corn in this area. It is dark green and hasn’t showed any signs of dryness or changing color unless it is running out of nitrogen. The beans are still filling yet. We have gotten 2.2 inches of rain in August and that is just right.

“We have not found any signs of serious bug problems. We put wheat in after we chop corn so we’re going to get on that as soon as the corn gets chopped.… Continue reading

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Paul Ralston, Hardin County, Aug. 12

“I have some corn I wish I would have sold a month ago that we’re going to get cleaned out of the bin. I found a few aphids in the beans and we’re right on the edge of whether we need to spray or not. We aren’t sure if we should put more money into these beans. They got hurt by too much water and they are short and yellow. They seem to have stopped growing. We tried spraying a little 28% on some beans. They put on some additional growth, but it may have been a waste of money too.

“I have quite a bit of hope for the corn. It is 10 feet tall and solid green. There are some wet holes with a little nitrogen deficiency, but in general it doesn’t hardly seem like it has had a bad day. There are ears that are 16 and 18 kernels around and I planted 36,000 population.… Continue reading

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Louie Rehm, Wayne County, Aug. 12

“What happened to August? We went from July to September. It is supposed to warm up here for a couple of days, but then get cool again toward the end of the week. I think we are looking at a later harvest because of this cool weather we have been having. It really set the corn and the beans back. We sprayed our beans with fungicides. I have beans waist high and podded from the top to the bottom and the corn looks super good. I don’t know how it could look better.

“The hay price is holding strong but making hay is a disaster now because we can’t get enough drying time. There is not much good quality to be found out there. We have half of the third cutting made but we are having trouble getting it dried. We need sun and we’re not getting it. The yield of the hay is there but we can’t get the weather for it.… Continue reading

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John Hoffman, Pickaway County, Aug. 12

“We got 1.8 inches this week. Soybeans look really good and the rain was crucial. Our corn crop is pretty well done. If we got another rain next week we might add some test weight. The corn looks pretty good out there. We have been a shade cooler, but our double-crops are growing well. I would be worried if we had a late September frost, though.

“The rain really helped the double-crop beans and we are really pleased with the crops. Right now we are mowing and spraying ditch banks. The crops are growing well and the weeds are growing pretty well too.

“We’re going to keep wheat in our rotation. With good management we can get fairly consistent high yields and then when you couple that with double-cropping, wheat makes financial sense and gives us the rotation we want.  It was a good crop for us this year, but it was difficult to harvest.… Continue reading

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Doug Longfellow, Darke County, Aug. 12

“We got anywhere from .75 inch to 2 inches of rain last week. Some of the corn could use more because we are still plenty dry. We have not gotten that much rain this season and we could use more.

“We are in prime filling time for corn kernels and bean pods. Our earliest maturity corn has a couple of kernels just starting to dent and we wish it were a little further along. We have seen a few Japanese beetles around the edges and some grasshoppers. We are worried about an early frost and we are worried about wind.

“It could be a wet corn harvest and we need some sun and heat in the next month for things to come around. Another good rain would finish up the corn. Things look good, though, and we have good prospects. We are hoping for good test weight and we are excited about the yield potential out there.… Continue reading

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John Hoffman, Pickaway County, July 22

“We’re getting a nice sprinkle right now, maybe a tenth or so, and the weather has cooled down some so that is making us happy. We did not receive as much rain as they did further north. We haven’t had any high water damage or anything.

“The beans are really shaping up and looking good. The corn is looking good too, but I know there is some fungicide being sprayed due to the weather we’re having. I have a third of my acres scheduled to be sprayed. We’re optimistic and we keep getting rains. If we can keep that 90-degree-plus heat away, I think things will really do pretty decent.

“The corn seems to be pollinating well. I think everything is tasseled in this area. I don’t think the heat really adversely affected pollination. We were happy to get the warmer weather and sunshine, but now we are going to need some rain every week or 10 days or so.… Continue reading

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Louie Rehm, Wayne County, July 22

“We are just adequate on moisture. We got four-tenths last week, but with the rain we got things are looking just great. The wheat was pretty good. It was running right in the mid-80s. We had one load out and it was just over 59 test weight and no sprouts so far. There is still a little bit of wheat to take off around here.

“I never saw as good of a second cutting for hay as I did this year. It was a little later than we like, but it was good quality hay. We have third cutting ready to cut now, but I think we’ll wait until Thursday because of the rain.

“The corn is starting to pollinate and I don’t know that I have ever seen better looking corn around here. It is a lot different than it was last year. The thing that scares me is that this corn is so tall that it could go down this fall.… Continue reading

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Paul Ralston, Hardin County , July 22

“Between yesterday and this morning we’ve had an inch and eight tenths of rain and it has come really nice and easy. I couldn’t be happier. Two weeks ago I was ready for it to shut off and it did. The fields dried up, though, and it was time for another shot of rain.

“I think the beans are hurt from all the water we had, but I don’t know how bad. There are a couple of holes here and there where the plants died. It was not a large area and every year you have some of that, so I am not really concerned. The corn, though, just looks phenomenal and I am excited about that. Most of the corn is going to pollinate this week. It is supposed to be a little cooler this week and we have good moisture. In the good black ground the corn is 10 feet tall and solid green and even.… Continue reading

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Doug Longfellow, Darke County, July 22

“We got maybe a tenth this morning and the rain was very spotty over the weekend. We had an inch total, but it ranged everywhere from a tenth to 1.5 inches. We’re still on the dry side here. The beans love this but the corn could use another shot of rain. We’ll take what we’ve got, but we would love a little more rain.

“On our fields, most of our corn had some pretty big spots where the corn laid over sideways from the wind. It rebounded really well. We were kind of sick after it, but were really surprised how well it came back. We didn’t have green snap and there were not really any flat fields in this area. I would say there was less than 3% to 5% yield loss around here from wind damage.

“We need to keep scouting. I was over all of our bean acres last week and I did not see any insects at that point.… Continue reading

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John Hoffman, Pickaway County, July 8

“When you’re cutting wheat there is a very limited time. My dad always says there are three days for cutting wheat: a day too early, a day just right and a day too late. We were fortunate that we missed a couple of rains and got our wheat harvested. We finished up on July 1. We were right at 90 bushels for an average and quality and test weight were pretty good.

“We kept watching the weather and they said the rain was rolling in. We kept harvesting even with moistures higher than we would typically like. We really wanted to get it off and we are certainly glad we did that now. We had an early maturity, a medium and a fuller season variety, which also helped. I only hauled in two loads of dry wheat. There was a lot of 17% to 19% wheat we hauled in.

“All of our wheat went straight to town.… Continue reading

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Louie Rehm, Wayne County, July 8

“We’ve been missing a lot of these rains. We’re just at adequate moisture right now. We had a half-inch of rain on Saturday night and before that we just got a few tenths. We haven’t had the big rains like a lot of people.

“The corn looks awesome. I don’t know that I have ever seen corn as nice as it is in this area. We have corn that is seven feet tall already and it is still a week away from tasseling. We’ve had ideal conditions for corn.

The beans don’t look too bad either. There are not very many yellow spots. A lot of the beans are between knee and waist high. When you hear about the drowned out spots in some areas, it makes you feel fortunate to have missed some of these big rains.

“We didn’t get into any hay for two weeks because of the drizzle and light rains.… Continue reading

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Doug Longfellow, Darke County, July 8

“We have had plenty of moisture, but it is not overboard. Most guys in our area are bringing in wheat that is 17% to 20% moisture, so it is still plenty wet.  With all of the rain every day, they are concerned about getting it out of the field. All of the yields are looking to be above average, so that is good and we are not seeing significant quality problems yet. The wheat harvest is just getting started.

“I would say most of the corn in this area will be in tassel this week or next week. That is good because we have moisture and it looks like pretty steady temperatures in the next couple of weeks. The large portion of the county has really good potential for both corn and beans at this point. The corn has been loving this weather and the beans look good, but they have not liked the cool weather a whole lot.… Continue reading

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Paul Ralston, Hardin County, July 8

“Two weeks ago I said I wanted rain, but now I am ready to shut her down a little. We got another 1.5 inches last night and in the last two weeks we are almost at 8 inches of rain. Most of the rains have been .7 or .5 at a time. It has been nice and steady, but the ground is pretty well saturated now. I need to save some for August.

We need to get some beans sprayed. The beans don’t like wet feet really well and they are starting to turn yellow. It is time to get some other things done instead of standing here dumping out the rain gauge.

“The beans may have some manganese deficiency. By now we have usually had two applications of manganese on soybeans and a lot of the yellowing could be from manganese deficiency, but some of that is from wet weather too.… Continue reading

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Paul Ralston, Hardin County, June 24

“In the southern part of the county they have been getting nice rains and the northern part of Hardin County they have had plenty of rain, but there is an area right in the middle that has not been getting some of these showers. We have been getting rain here, but just not as much as other parts of the county.

“We got 1.2 inches of rain yesterday and we needed it. We got an inch there two weeks ago, but it was getting dry again. I feel like we don’t have a lot of reserve moisture left in the soil. We’ve been getting tenths and we need to get more soakers so we have enough moisture if we go for a couple of weeks without rain.

“We walked some fields and sprayed some RyzUp SmartGrass last week on the corn. It is a Valent product that is a growth stimulator.… Continue reading

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John Hoffman, Pickaway County, June 24

“We did not get any of the rain yesterday. It sounds like they got their fair share further north in Delaware. Our early maturity wheat is off and there is some other wheat being cut down here. We harvested our first wheat on Thursday and Friday. We will bale some of the straw from that. Then we planted double crops after that.

“I have not added the numbers up, but it was probably 85- or 95-bushel wheat. It looked good all season, but we still have a lot of wheat to cut yet. We’re two or three days away from harvesting our next variety. The wheat is all looking pretty good, but you don’t know until you run the combine through it. I was pretty happy with that first wheat.

“We plant double-crop beans with what we have left over in the truck from planting beans in the spring. Most of them are in the late Group 3s.… Continue reading

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