2017 National FFA Convention

FFA traffic jams worth stopping for

I recently found myself inescapably trapped in a traffic jam in Indianapolis. It wasn’t cars and trucks, but a sea of blue jackets that prevented me from moving. I was in a hurry to meet with some folks for an interview and was being temporarily delayed without any hope of moving. The reason: the National Anthem.

I was riding up the escalator just outside of the arena prior to the start of a session. All of the televisions in the hallway featured a lone corduroy-clad FFA member singing a beautiful, respectful version of the National Anthem then switched to a picture of the flag. The escalator was packed with FFA members trying to get to their seats for the start of the Session and everyone (to a person) stopped in the places they were standing with their hand over their heart, respectfully watching the flag on the multiple televisions in the vicinity.… Continue reading

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Ohio’s National Proficiency Winners

Listen to the winners reflect on being named top in the nation.

Adam Blumenschein


Kolt Buchenroth


Sierra Drewes


Collin Dunaway


Nole Gerfen


Aaron Hendrich


Ann Shelby

171027_AnnShelby_FFAProf_IntvContinue reading

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A conversation with Ohio FFA State Officers at 2017 National Convention

Matt Reese and Joel Penhorwood borrowed several Ohio FFA State Officers from their busy time at the 2017 National FFA Convention. The team has been staying hard at work with delegate sessions, meeting officers from other states, and gaining ideas to take back home. Ryan Matthews, Lane Heil, Evan Callicoat, and Milan Pozderac are among the group that sat down for the conversation in the video below.… Continue reading

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Chrysta Beck of Archbold named 2017 American Star in Agriscience

Since third grade, Chrysta Beck of Archbold has raised broilers and layers to sell meat and egg products to local customers. As she got older and joined FFA, she developed a supervised agricultural experience (SAE) that would look into the health of poultry. But what started as research to assist her with personal production goals soon developed into a project with a vastly larger scope. It focused on U.S. and global poultry production and welfare.

Beck’s work began when she was in ninth grade and started looking closely into broiler production factors and exactly how the birds grew. She also learned how to determine meat quality. By her senior year, Beck was investigating alternative methods for replacing antibiotics.

“I was looking into the gut health of the chick,” Beck said. “I was looking into the microbiology of chickens and doing probiotic research.”

In her lab trials, Beck has been testing different types of bacteria to determine their viability.… Continue reading

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Hard work paying off for FFA proficiency finalists from Ohio

An astounding 25 FFA members from Ohio are finalists in the national proficiency competition. Proficiency is one of the key competitions in FFA, where members are judged off work completed through their Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE), depending on category. The video below highlights nearly all the hard working young people representing Ohio and their respective chapters this year.

Congratulations to the Ohio FFA’ers that are vying for a national placing in the contest.

Winners will be announced at the sixth general session Friday afternoon at the 90th National FFA Convention in Indianapolis.… Continue reading

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Nearly 400 Ohio FFA members to receive American Degree this week

Kameron Rinehart from the Miami Trace Chapter will be staying busy this week at the National FFA Convention.

“So here at National FFA Convention, I have several roles. I’m serving as a delegate for the Ohio FFA Association and I’m also receiving my American FFA Degree this year, and I’m representing Wilmington College as a student ambassador,” Rinehart said. “I am super excited for Saturday to get my American FFA Degree. It’s something that I’ve worked hard for the past six years being an FFA member. It’s a life long dream of mine to receive my American FFA Degree. During my freshmen year attending National FFA Convention when I saw my fellow FFA members receive their American Degrees, I made it a personal goal of mine to achieve and it wasn’t an easy task getting all the hours and all the different obligations you have to do to get that American Degree.… Continue reading

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Ohio’s Buehler vying for National FFA office

Ohio’s candidate to become National FFA Officer for 2017-2018 is Mary Buehler, former president of the Ohio FFA Association. She continues to be in contention for national office.

“It’s really neat to transition from state president to national officer candidate,” Buehler said. “A lot of those people that I met throughout my year last year — those members — they are what have inspired me to run as a national officer and I’ve been getting a lot of texts and messages from them as encouragement and I just hope I can represent Ohio to the best of my ability.”

Buehler must go through a number of interviews that whittle down the amount of blue corduroy-clad young people hoping to lead the organization over the next year.

“It started back in June. I was chosen for a candidate for Ohio so it’s been all sorts of prep and studying since then. I drove to Indy on Friday evening and we started the process bright and early at 7 a.m.… Continue reading

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Ohio FFA members well represented at National Convention

As usual, Ohio FFA will be well represented at the 2017 National FFA Convention. Here is a list of Ohio participants to watch for this week in Indianapolis.

American FFA Degrees – 397


American Star in Agribusiness FinalistShaun Wenrick, Anna


American Star in Agriscience FinalistChrysta Beck, Pettisville


National Officer Candidate Mary Buehler, Anna


Honorary American Degrees

Leah Amstutz, Columbus

Karen Cooley, Williamsfield

Andrew Muntz, Columbus


National Proficiency Award Finalists

Agricultural Communications – Kolt Buchenroth, Kenton-OHP

Agricultural Mechanics Design and Fabrication – Maci Krites, Miami East-MVCTC

Agricultural Mechanics Repair and Maintenance-Entrepreneurship – Aaron Hendrich, Eaton-MVCTC

Agricultural Sales-Entrepreneurship – Katie Bendickson, Miami East-MVCTC

Agricultural Sales-Placement – Sierra Drewes, New Bremen

Agriscience Research Plant – Jacob Dennis, Pettisville

Beef Production-Placement – Clinton Liming, Felicity-Franklin

Dairy Production-Placement – Clair Schmitmeyer, Versailles

Diversified Agricultural Production – Nole Gerfen, Ridgemont

Diversified Crop Production-Placement – Michael Klein, West Holmes

Diversified Horticulture – Nathan Stacklin, Ridgemont

Diversified Livestock – Adam Blumenschein, Fairbanks

Environmental Science and Natural Resources Management – Collin Brinkman, Fayetteville

Equine Science-Placement – Juanita Miller, West Holmes

Fiber and/or Oil Crop Production – Reed Aller, St.Continue reading

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2017 National FFA Convention schedule

Wed. Oct. 25, 2017

8 a.m. – 8 p.m. Onsite Registration (ICC, Hall K)

8 a.m. – 7 p.m. FFA Shopping Mall (ICC, Halls C-E)

Noon – 5 p.m. National FFA Expo (ICC, Halls B and F-J)

2 p.m. National FFA Grand March (ICC, Capitol Avenue Plaza)

3:30 p.m. Opening Session 1A (BLF)
6:45 p.m. Opening Session 1B (BLF)

6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. World’s Toughest Rodeo (ISF)

8:30 p.m. Rascal Flatts FFA Concert presented by Culvers (LOS – doors open 7:30 p.m.)

Other Activities

Delegate Activities (ICC)
Agriscience Fair Set up (ICC, Hall A)
National Chapter (ICC)
Alumni Central (ICC)
Teachers Internet Lounge (ICC)
Student Leadership Workshops (ICC)
Teacher Workshops (ICC)
Proficiency National Finalist Reception (Westin Hotel)
Career Success Tours (TBD)
Career Development and Leadership Development Events (Various Locations)

Thurs., Oct. 26, 2017

7 a.m. – 8 p.m. Onsite Registration (ICC, Hall K)

8 a.m. – 7 p.m. FFA Shopping Mall (ICC, Halls C-E)

8 a.m.… Continue reading

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A behind the scenes look at the National FFA Convention

ADRENALINE. This word best describes my feelings in the weeks leading up to the 2016 National FFA Convention and Expo. Sleep was not something on my mind as we finalized scripts, practiced speeches and counted down the days until we welcomed 60,000 FFA members and supporters to Indianapolis, Ind. This convention would mark the emotional end of my seven-year journey in the blue jacket and I wanted everything to go perfectly.

From 2015-2016, I represented Ohio as our state’s most recent national FFA officer. During the year, I traveled to 30 states to speak with students, teachers and sponsors of the National FFA Organization. The experience was unbelievably exciting, but the most adrenaline-filled part of my entire year was easily the weeks of preparation that went into hosting the 89th National FFA Convention and Expo alongside my fellow national officer teammates.

From the perspective of a student watching in the crowd, National FFA Convention looks like a well-oiled machine running smoothly and without a problem.… Continue reading

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