2018 Ohio Crop Tour

2018 I-75/I-71 Ohio Crop Tour summary

After an almost ideal growing area for some and not so much for others, we were not sure quite what to expect in the 2018 I-75/I-71 Ohio Crop Tour. We had heard about a wet start to the growing season followed by a long dry spell, but we weren’t sure just what the state’s corn and soybean fields would have to offer.

There were certainly some examples that showed up in fields on the 2018 I-75/I-71 Ohio Crop Tour displaying evidence of some challenging conditions, but for the most part what we found was a crop that might just meet what USDA has suggested, a record crop. The 2018 Ohio Crop Tour was sponsored by AgroLiquid.

In the West, the I-75 group had an average corn yield of 180.3 bushels on Day 1 and 191.8 bushels on Day 2. The Eastern leg of the Ohio Crop Tour averaged 188.07 bushels on Day 1 and 182.3 bushels on Day 2.… Continue reading

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The 2018 Ohio Crop Tour – I-75 Leg – Day 2

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Greene County

Corn: This field was planted in late April and shows signs of a steady water supply all season long. It is very healthy and the color s changing on the husk. The GLS was less than 1% and ear fill was among the best we have seen on the tour, if not the best. The yield estimate is 206.3 bushels.

Soybeans: This field was planted in late May and still needs some time but it has great soil moisture with more coming. There was some frogeye and maybe something bacterial way down the canopy, but disease levels were low. There was also some SDS. There is some up and down but the canopy is a fairly consistent 45 inches tall. The plants are well podded with node spacing ranging from 2.5 to 4 inches. This is a 50+ bushel field.

Montgomery County

Corn: There was significant giant ragweed in this field but there was great plant health.… Continue reading

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The 2018 Ohio Crop Tour – I-71 Leg – Day 2

Clinton County

Corn: This April 27th corn was all around good. Color was nice, ear fill was solid and very little disease and insect pressure to speak of. The ears were a good size but only 14 around. Even with that into consideration, our yield check is at 175.

Soybeans: These non-GMO beans were planted on May 18th. They were very clean with only minor insect feeding here. Canopy height was 28 inches and distance between nodes was 2 inches. We rate this field as Poor to Fair.

Overall County Observations – Just as consistent as we have seen the last 3 stops. Stress is hard to come by here and they got a good bit of rain today that will help been finish off.

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Highland County

Corn: This farmer told us that a big July storm knocked some of this corn down and we noticed that as we headed in for a sample.… Continue reading

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The 2018 Ohio Crop Tour – I-71 Leg – Day 1

Marion County

Corn: We found ourselves in 20 inch corn and had to figure out how to calculate this field. Once we Googled it, we were good to go. Wind has goose-necked some of this crop and there was some water damage in low lying areas, but the color was good and overall health was A-O.K. Saw some bird damage as well and Grey on the lower leaves. Our yield guess here is 180.

Soybeans: This clod of dirt that came up with one of the soybeans plants tells a story of a dry period here. This farmers upped the population. Some Frogeye and Brown Spot and very minimal beetle feeding. Nodes were 2 inches apart and canopy was 39 inches high. We rate this field as Good.

Overall County Observations – For how dry our fields were here, there have been some heavy rains in this county.… Continue reading

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The 2018 Ohio Crop Tour – I-75 Leg – Day 1

Van Wert County

Corn: The field looks great. It was planted on May 1. It looks a little dry right now but there is rain on the way. This is a tall hybrid and the ear is about eye level. The lower leaves are gone but four leaves below the ear are still green. There was GLS but it was controlled and there is none above the ear. The ear fill was excellent with a little tip back. It is dented and the most advanced we’ve seen. The population was at 32,000 or 33,000. The rows around were 14 to 18 with an average yield of 193 bushels.

Soybeans: The planting date was May with a dropped population of 170,000. It was at R6 with very good, healthy plants. There were many pods on top with a 41-inch canopy with 2 to 3 inches between nodes, one of the tighter clusters we’ve seen today.… Continue reading

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2018 I-75/I-71 Ohio Crop Tour kicks off

To get a preview of what to expect this harvest season, the Ohio Ag Net and Ohio’s Country Journal team will once again go on the I-75/I-71 Ohio Crop Tour presented by AgroLiquid Fertilizers. On the tour, two teams of farmers, agronomists and OCJ/OAN staff will be crisscrossing I-75 and I-71 reporting crop conditions and yield estimates on August 15 and 16. The teams start in the north and meet at the end in Clinton County. Over the two days, each team will sample a representative corn and soybean field in more than 20 counties (for a total of more than 40 counties over the two days).

The groups will be estimating yields and overall conditions for corn fields and the conditions and yield potential of soybean fields. We will be updating the results on the go online at ocj.com, so check back regularly on our progress. Coverage will also include photos, videos and radio broadcasts of tour highlights.… Continue reading

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