2021 Between the Rows

Heavy rains bog down planting efforts

Ross Black

Any moisture deficit we had is pretty well gone. In the last couple weeks we had approximately 4.5 inches of rain and any field work has slowed to a halt here. I did get some corn planted and I got enough beans planted to get the planter running. Last Sunday, thanks to the vertical tillage, we bought ourselves a couple of drying hours. Without that I don’t think there could have been any way we would have planted in the last week. 

I have seen some spiking of the corn and that is about it. As cold as the temperatures were, I was not too scared to get the corn down in the ground to wait on warmer weather. We have some forecasted lows down to 35 or 36 degrees so that is a little nerve-wracking, but it looks like we’ll get to the mid-70s next weekend. We’re hoping that comes sooner rather than later.… Continue reading

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Planters rolling beneath sunny skies

John Schumm

It is partly cloudy right now but it is supposed to be a good day today and a better day tomorrow. 

We had 4 to 5 inches of snow and I did see 24 degrees on my truck thermometer last week. We planted around 90 acres of beans early and we thought maybe we ought to stop. Looking back, I wish we would have planted a lot because it was perfect planting conditions. 

It was cold enough that I thought it could have done some damage but boy the beans look pretty good. I was surprised. We had a few beans that were just pushing dirt and I was concerned that really cold snap would just take them out. Walking across them yesterday, though, I don’t think the freeze touched them. I think we fared very well. I didn’t see anything turning black. We can see a lot of buttons on our beans and tomorrow they should be opening up.… Continue reading

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2021 Between the Rows kicks off with a solid start to spring

John Schumm

We started no-till — total no-till — about 12 years ago and things have been working great for us on the soybean side. We have struggled a little bit here and there on the corn side but we are getting closer. I farm with my son, Jeremy, and we both work full-time jobs and this no-till has taken a lot of labor away so we have time to do that.

First we had to take care of the drainage problems. We have used cereal rye and the tilth of our ground just changed tremendously when we started using it. We have a farmer up this way who inter-seeds it with a 90-foot air seeder. He drives it through our standing crops and we try to get that all done the first week of September in corn and soybeans before the soybean leaves start to turn and fall off. We get tremendous growth in the fall.… Continue reading

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