2021 Ohio Crop Tour

2021 Ohio Crop Tour recap

We have been crop touring all week and the final results are in! For the in-person leg of the 2021 Ohio Crop Tour we had one group collect samples in 12 counties in northern Ohio and another group collect samples in southern Ohio. In addition, we had nearly 60 entries from around the state in our Virtual Crop Tour for corn and soybeans. Many of these samples were provided with cooperation from Ohio State University Extension educators.

The tour totals (multiplied by an agronomic fudge factor of .9 for corn yield estimates) generated a final yield of 181.83 bushels per acre for a statewide average yield. Our soybean estimate for the state came in right at 55 bushels. 

The tour certainly found some big yields, particularly in the northern part of the state, but also revealed some surprisingly dry and challenging growing conditions in other places. The lack of water in recent weeks for many parts of the state is likely going to knock the top end off of some of those bigger yields for corn and could be a significant detriment to the state’s soybean crop if they persist. … Continue reading

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Moisture haves and have nots showing up

By Matt Reese and Dave Russell

Most of Ohio had enough rain in the early part of the 2021 growing season (in some places too much). In the last 3 weeks or so, though, the rains have stopped in some areas. The Aug. 12 update from the U.S. Drought monitor has a large portion of southeastern and portions of western Ohio listed as “Abnormally Dry.”

This map was released Aug. 12 by the U.S. Drought Monitor. Yellow areas are “Abnormally Dry.”

Some of those dry conditions showed up in this week’s Ohio Crop Tour.

“The places we have been, I’d say Greene and Champaign counties have had more moisture than any other place we were, Fayette would be in there too. The western side of the state and back to Pickaway County was drier than what I imagined it would be,” said Bill Black, a Pickaway County farmer who participated in the in-person tour.… Continue reading

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Virtual crop tour by county: 2021 corn

Adams County

Conditions of the corn were very good. Corn was very healthy and had little signs of stress due to lack of nitrogen. It was planted May 23. Disease pressure was very low and insect pressure was little to none. Pollination looked to be very complete. Yield came in at 230 bushels.

Adams Co. corn

Allen County

This field looked very impressive from the road. Unfortunately, it seemed to be seeing significant tip back and kernel abortion. There was also a small amount of gray leaf spot present. This field also looked to have a higher planted population than several others in the area. I would expect there to be 33,000 harvestable ears per acre. It was planted May 18. The yield estimate was 186 bushels per acre.

Allen Co.

This field was planted May 19 with multiple hybrids and there was significant variability between hybrids. Disease pressure was very low and there was no pest pressure.… Continue reading

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Virtual Crop Tour by county: 2021 soybeans

Adams County

Adams county soybeans resulted in very good condition overall with little signs of weather-related stress. Disease pressure was low. There were some Japanese beetles feeding on foliage. The estimated yield was around 60+ bushels per acre.

Adams county bean field.
Adams county bean plant.

Ashtabula County

This field of soybeans were some of the earliest planted in Astabula county. The field was noted as very tall and having strong color. There was no disease pressure noted, but there were some aphids feeding. The yield esitmation of 60+ bushels per acre.

Ashtubula county soybeans

Champaign County

These Champaign county soybeans were planted April 10, and are a consistent field. There were signs of Sudden Death Syndrome and low Japanese Beetle feeding. The yield estimation for this field is 60+ bushels per acre.

Soybeans in Champaign county.
Japanese beetle feeding in Champaign county.

Delaware County

The soybean field surveyed in Delaware county was tall and further along in maturity when compared to others around it.… Continue reading

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Rain is making grain in Wood County

By Matt Reese and Dave Russell

Many parts of northern Ohio have had a solid growing season in 2021 and that is showing up in crop yield checks this week.

Amid rain showers, Wood County Extension educator Nick Eckel has been out scouting fields and, for the most part, has been pleased with what he has seen, especially with the corn crop in the county.

“This is a really nice corn crop out here in Wood County. Most guys got some fungicide sprayed and we have pretty clean fields. I’ve been finding anywhere from 175 bushels to upwards of 225 bushels. The kernel counts are there and we are getting a little rain today and hopefully that can help fill the rest of this crop out and we can have a good corn crop here in Wood County,” Eckel said. “I did a tour of the entire county. I started in the northeast corner and drove a horseshoe around the county and looked at about 10 different corn fields.… Continue reading

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Ohio Crop Tour North summary

It is said that “rain makes grain”, and that was the take away from the northern leg of the 2021 Ohio Crops Tour sponsored by Ohio Field Leader, a project of the Ohio Soybean Council and Soybean Check-off. Those farms that have had sufficient rainfall early-on looked very promising, and have the potential for excellent yields with some timely rain to finish it out. Those fields that were lacking rain as of late, are in need of some moisture to relieve the stress and help the crop finish out with the potential that is left. July rains help the corn during the critical periods of pollination and grain fill. Timely August rains can literally translate to millions of dollars of revenue for the Ohio soybean crop.

Overall the corn fields on the northern leg of the crop tour looked very good. Many had been sprayed with a fungicide. There was very little disease present, and virtually no insect pressure observed.… Continue reading

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Ohio Crop Tour South summary

There were definitely some surprises along the way on the southern leg of the in-person 2021 Ohio Crop Tour. First, we found some surprising pollination issues and one of the highest disease levels we have ever seen in corn in the first couple of counties. Of course, there were some highlights with strong yields in counties where rains have been steady through the growing season, which is what we expected after a strong start and generally good growing conditions for much of Ohio in 2021. We were very surprised, though, about the extent of areas suffering from very dry conditions, particularly in the western part of the tour. We found some pretty wide and deep cracks in the soil we were not expecting to see.

We sampled fields in 12 counties over a day and a half. Overall we settled upon an average yield of 174.7 bushels for corn on Ohio Crop Tour South this year.… Continue reading

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2021 Ohio Crop Tour: North leg

Crawford County

Corn: The corn we evaluated was 109-day maturity corn planted on May 16 with an estimated yield of 200 bushels per acre. It was another good crop.

Ears of corn in Crawford county.
Close-up of an ear of corn in Crawford county.

Soybeans: The soybeans we evaluated were a group 2.7 maturity bean planted in 15-inch rows on April 27 with an average pod count of four to five pods per plant and three beans per pod. Fungicide was applied to the crop. Overall, a good looking stand that could yield 55+ bushels per acre.

Crawford county soybean field.
Crawford county soybean sample.

Wyandot County

Corn: The corn we evaluated was 110 day maturity corn planted on April 26 with an estimated yield of 219 bushels per acre. The crop was sprayed with fungicide and insecticide after some pressure was evident. Overall, an excellent crop.

Ears of corn pulled from Wyandot county.
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2021 Ohio Crop Tour: South leg

Pickaway County

Corn: The corn had a good green color with no disease pressure on the upper canopy. The fill to the tip was getting small kernels due to dry weather. This is a nice looking field with a 33,000 population and a 185-bushel yield.

Pickaway Co. corn
Pickaway Co. corn

Soybean: The beans were green and looked nice. These were the tallest beans of the day at 39 inches. The distance between nodes was 2.5 inches with very low amounts of frogeye present. There was a little leaf feeding. There were 2-3 beans per pod and most were in groups of 2-3 pods per cluster. These were 50 to 60 bushel beans.  

Pickaway Co. beans
Pickaway Co. beans

Fayette County

Corn: There was a nice green color in this field and the corn looked really healthy. The disease pressure was light with tiny lesions of gray leaf spot far down in the canopy.… Continue reading

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2021 Ohio Crop Tour preview

By Matt Reese

Like most things 2021, our Ohio Crop Tour will be a bit different this year. Last year we had great success with our Virtual Tour with tremendous response from participants. At the same time, we wanted to get back to our in-person tour in fields around the state. With this in mind, the 2021 Ohio Crop Tour includes both virtual and in-person components. The Tour is sponsored by Ohio Field Leader.

The in-person tour will be held Aug. 9 and Aug. 10 with one group heading north and one group heading south. Each group will sample a representative corn and soybean field in 12 counties. 

This year’s in-person participants in the north are:

• Harold Watters, Ohio State University Extension agronomist 

• John Schumm, Seneca County farmer

• Leo Shininger, Defiance County farmer

• Jed Bower, Fayette County farmer

• Dusty Sonnenberg, Ohio Field Leader/Ohio Ag Net.

This year’s in-person participants in the south are:

• Greg LaBarge, Ohio State University Extension

• Ross Black, Pickaway County farmer

• Brent Pence, Miami County farmer

• Bill Black, Pickaway County farmer

• Matt Reese, Ohio’s Country Journal.Continue reading

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