2023 Ohio FFA Convention

2023-2024 Ohio FFA Officer Team

President –  Luke Jennings, Felicity-Franklin

Vice President – Delaney Moore, Bloom-Carroll

Sentinel – Katelyn Kinsella, Botkins

Reporter – Kaydence Morris, Talawanda-Butler Tech

Treasurer – Emma Wells, Crestview Convoy

Secretary – Jaden Smith, Liberty Union 

Vice Presidents: Anna Moeller, Talawanda-Butler Tech; Ava Evers, Marion Local; Chloee Howard, Black River;  Lauren Thornhill, Anna; Haylee Acquah, Global Impact… Continue reading

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Aubrey Schwartz reflects on FFA presidency ahead of retiring address

2022-2023 Ohio FFA State President Aubrey Schwartz talks with Ohio Ag Net Student Reporter Aubree Topp ahead of the final session at the 95th Ohio FFA Convention, wrapping up her year leading the organization. The two discuss favorite memories, lessons learned, and the topic of her retiring address.

Convention coverage is sponsored by Wilmington College.… Continue reading

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CDE winners reflect on newly acquired skills

The fourth session of the 95th Ohio FFA Convention highlighted winners of various Career Development Events (CDE).

Ohio Ag Net Student Reporter Allison Kinney had a conversation with the top team and individual in the Farm and AgriBusiness Management CDE.

Ohio Ag Net Student Reporter Aubree Topp caught up with Josie Jennings, a sophomore who won the Advanced Prepared Public Speaking CDE.

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2023 Proficiency Awards (Third Session)

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Winner, Crone, Pinger, Michaels named Stars Over Ohio

The coveted Stars Over Ohio award winners were named at the third session of the 95th Ohio FFA State Convention.

Star in Ag Placement – Luke Winner, Versailles FFA

Star in Agribusiness – Alexis Crone, Cardington FFA

Star in Agriscience – Audrey Pinger, Felicity-Franklin FFA

Star Farmer – Allison Michaels, Bellevue FFA

In the audio interview above, Ohio Ag Net Student Reporter Cortney Copeland talks with Star Farmer Allison Michaels about her Supervised Agricultural Experience and the work that went into the award.… Continue reading

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2023 Proficiency Awards (Second session)

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Parsons wins truck through Sunrise RISE FFA Career Program

In this audio interview, Ohio Ag Net Student Reporter Aubree Topp talks with Bryce Parsons of Hillsboro after he was named winner of the RISE FFA Career Program through Sunrise Cooperative.

Bryce was one of 10 students chosen for the RISE program. The win, announced at the first session of the 2023 Ohio FFA State Convention, means he receives a signing bonus of a Jeep Gladiator truck and his home chapter gets $1,000 to help enhance their local FFA program.… Continue reading

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Photo highlights from 2023 Ohio FFA Convention

Photos by Aubree Topp, Cortney Copeland, Allison Kinney, and Wyatt Morrow

Carson Clouse from John Glenn wowed the crowd with his performance.
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The 95th Ohio FFA Convention is finally here!

By Morgan Anderson, OCJ FFA reporter

The 95th Ohio FFA Convention is almost here! On May 4 and 5, thousands of FFA members will gather in Columbus, Ohio, to celebrate the success of the past school year.

From Agriscience Fair judging to State FFA Degrees, the Ohio FFA Convention is certainly an event you will not want to miss out on. With five action-packed sessions and the career show and expo, there is something for everyone in attendance. 

To ensure FFA members make the most of their time at the Ohio FFA Convention, here are a few pieces of advice from some of the 2022-2023 Ohio FFA State Officer Team:

“My piece of advice for members is to be loud, proud, and hype. Convention is what you make it, so be excited! Cheer loudly, and don’t be afraid to make new friends. Have fun!” – Katie Oestreich, Ohio FFA State Treasurer 

Convention is a time to celebrate our accomplishments as an organization!… Continue reading

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An Ohio FFA Convention first is one of many for Lillianna Stafford and Circleville-PRCTC FFA

By Morgan Anderson, OCJ FFA reporter

Circleville High School opened its classroom doors for agriculture education and FFA for the first time on Aug. 18, 2022. Despite the prominence of agriculture in the area, Circleville’s graduating class of 2023 will be the first group of students to be members of the Circleville-PRCTC FFA chapter. 

As a student who lives in town without a traditional agriculture background, Circleville High School senior Lillianna Stafford said she was hesitant at first to join the new FFA chapter at her school. 

“When you hear FFA, it’s ‘Future Farmers of America,’ so I was skeptical,” Stafford said. “When I heard we were getting an FFA chapter, I was like ‘Is this even going to be fun?’ It’s just going to be about farming and I don’t know anything about farming. How is that going to relate to me or be fun for me?” 

But Stafford said her love for FFA caught her by surprise. … Continue reading

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Meet the 2023 crop of Ohio Ag Net Student FFA Reporters

Ohio Ag Net and Ohio’s Country Journal is proud to introduce the 2023 crop of Student FFA Reporters, helping to cover the 95th Ohio FFA State Convention – Cortney Copeland, Allison Kinney, Wyatt Morrow, and Aubree Topp.

Learn more about each of our newest team members in the short bios below.

Cortney Copeland

Cortney is the daughter of Mike and Becky Copeland and is currently a sophomore at Jackson Center High School. Cortney is currently serving as the Jackson Center-UVCC FFA chapter Vice President. Outside of FFA Cortney is also serving as the Jackson Center-UVCC FCCLA chapter Secretary as well as an active member of show choir, concert choir, academia, student council, and the student ambassador program. She is also active in the Progressive Livestock 4-H club, the Grace Lutheran Church adult choir, and her church youth group. Cortney is also a member of the National Columbia Sheep Junior Board of Directors serving as the 2022 – 2023 National Columbia Sheep Ambassador.… Continue reading

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2023 Ohio FFA State Convention Schedule

The 2023 Ohio FFA State Convention Schedule is available below and the following link: https://ohioffa.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/2023-Ohio-FFA-Conv-Schedule.pdf

 THURSDAY, MAY 4, 2023 

8:00 am Set Up: Agriscience Fair, Proficiencies & 

National Chapter Displays – Bricker 

8:00 am Convention Registration Open – Celeste 

8:00 am Ag Mechanics Engineering CDE – Bricker 

8:00 am Career Show & Expo Open – Bricker 

8:00 am Ohio FFA Fashion Place Open – Bricker 

8:00 am Industry Welcome Breakfast – Ohio for State Officer Candidates 

8:30 am Workshop – Bricker 

9:45 am PRE-SESSION 


Opening Ceremony 

Teacher/Administrator Recognition 

Chapter Trust Awards 

FFA Charitable Giving Recognition 

FFA Foundation Scholarships 

RISE FFA Program Recognition 

Recognition of New FFA Chapters 

Keynote Speaker – Lasada Pippen 

Announcement of the 2023-24 Ohio FFA Officer Ballot 

Closing Ceremony 

12:00 pm Delegate Business Session & Luncheon – Ohio 

2:15 pm PRE-SESSION 


Opening Ceremony 

Chapter Awards 

• Ohio FFA Gold Medal Chapters 

• Top 10 Growing Leaders Chapters 

• Top 10 Building Communities Chapters 

• Top 10 Strengthening Agriculture Chapters 

• Top 10 Chapters 

Keynote Speaker – Zoe Kent 

Proficiency Award Recognition 

Accounting through Equine Science 

Closing Ceremony 

6:30 pm Career Show & Expo Closed – Bricker 

6:30 pm Ohio FFA Fashion Place Closed – Bricker 

6:15 pm PRE-SESSION 


Opening Ceremony 

Honorary State FFA Degree Ceremony 

National Winners Recognition 

Star American FFA Degree Recognition 

Star State FFA Degree Recognition 

Proficiency Award Recognition 

Fiber and/or Oil Crop through Wildlife Management 

Keynote Speaker – Kyle Scheele 

Closing Ceremony 

FRIDAY, MAY 5, 2023 

8:00 am Convention Registration Open – Celeste 

8:00 am Career Show & Expo Open – Bricker 

8:00 am Ohio FFA Fashion Place Open – Bricker 

9:00 am Choir Practice – Bricker 

9:00 am Band Practice – Bricker 

9:15 am PRE-SESSION 


Opening Ceremony 

Officer Awards 

• Secretary’s Award 

• Treasurer’s Award 

• Reporter’s Award 

National FFA Officer Keynote – Ryan Williamson, Western Region Vice President 

State CDE Recognition 

Agriscience Fair Recognition 

Ohio FFA Officers’ Parent Recognition 

Closing Ceremony 

12:00 pm Friends of the FFA Luncheon – Ohio 

1:00 pm Talent Showcase – Celeste 

1:00 pm Ohio FFA Center Archives Open – FFA Center 

2:00 pm Workshops – Bricker 

3:00 pm Workshops – Bricker 

4:00 pm Band and Chorus Musical Presentation – Celeste 

5:30 pm Career Show & Expo Closed – Bricker 

5:30 pm Ohio FFA Fashion Place Closed – Bricker 

5:15 pm PRE-SESSION 


Opening Ceremony 

Band and Chorus Presentation 

Retiring Address – Aubrey Schwartz, Ohio FFA President 

2023-24 Ohio FFA Officer Announcement 

Conferring of the State FFA Degree Z-A Chapters 

Officer Installation 

Closing Ceremony 

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