2024 Between the Rows

Watching for rains this week as pollination gets going

John Settlemyre

We’re very fortunate this year. We had about 6 tenths of an inch of rain in the last week and we’ve got this hurricane coming up for Wednesday. I think they’re calling for maybe 8 tenths to an inch of rain out of that. When I’m bush hogging, these ditches are dry in the bottom but there’s just enough moisture in the soil to really keep that crop growing. The moisture is in a very good balance right now.

In a few fields of corn you could see some rolling, but you know in June you’re establishing an infrastructure. Roots are shooting deeper and deeper, so I think it was really good for the crop and the hot, dry stretch wasn’t a problem for us. I did talk to some folks from up around Clark County and they’re on some river bottoms and they can irrigate. They’ve run their irrigation since the middle of June.… Continue reading

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Rains bring relief after hot, dry stretch

Josh Kiser

We got everything planted and we got everything sidedressed. Now we’re starting to go in and spray fungicide and foliar. We had some spots that were too dry that didn’t want to come up, but they seem to be coming up now, just a little bit behind.

We went about 3 weeks without rain. It either went north of us or south of us. It just kept missing us. We finally got about 4 tenths yesterday and it made a big difference. The crops perked up quite a bit. The corn looks like it grew overnight.

I did not see too much leaf rolling in our corn, but there was some corn in the area that was starting to roll up a little bit last week. There was some of that, but I would say overall the heat probably helped get the roots down. It didn’t really seem like our crop was hurt too much by the heat and dry weather.… Continue reading

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Planting season nearing completion statewide

Jeff Rea

We have had some nice weather. We got a nice window of opportunity to get some beans planted. We’re down to about 100 acres left, so I fully expect to be able to finish this week. We had some rain on Wednesday and we only got 1.5 inches here, but some of our other farms got upwards of 4 inches. Of course, those are the fields that we need to finish planting. We’re going to be checking them out probably this morning to see if they dried out so we can finish planting.

It’s becoming the new normal to have just a few precious days to get in and then just really hit it hard. We’ve increased the size of machinery and equipment so that we can get a lot done in a smaller window of time. That’s about par for the course now it seems. I think we’ve had 3 years that we haven’t got everything planted, which I think is pretty good.… Continue reading

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Planting progress moving ahead, but more dry weather needed

Josh Kiser

We were able to start planting on Tuesday and we had a pretty big breakdown on our corn planter, so it took us a couple days fixing that. We were able to start planting again yesterday and got quite a bit accomplished in a short time.

There’s a bunch of people out planting now. We had a pretty fast-moving storm go through Monday and some areas got quite a bit of rain. We just missed the heaviest portion of that storm by maybe a mile, so we’re lucky. There are a few people with some farms that still aren’t ready to plant yet because of that heavy rain, but most people around here started Monday or Tuesday. I would say, in this area, planting is around 25% done, but there have been years where we’re not started at this point. It depends on the year, but it’s pretty common to still be planting now in this area.… Continue reading

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Wet weather continues to hinder planting progress

Matt Spillman

We’re in the same boat here, staying afloat. We’ve had a fair amount of rain here in the last week and a half, anywhere from 3.5 to 4 inches, so we’ve done very minimal field work here lately. The forecast is not looking too promising. 

We’re about 75% done planting corn and soybeans, both are looking fairly well. We may have a few drowned out spots in some of the last planted stuff before the rain, but for the most part, I think everything’s going to be OK.

We got started on Monday 3 weeks ago with soybeans and we kept rolling. We started later that week plating corn, and kept plugging away. Things were going really well. Ground conditions were great. All the seeds we put in the ground went in with optimal conditions and we have well-established stands with all of the moisture we’ve been dealing with.… Continue reading

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Some planting started, but wet conditions continue

Matt Spillman

We were really wet here the first couple weeks of April. We had 6 plus inches of rain and major flooding in some of the bottoms. Most of the water is gone now and things are shaping up. It looks like maybe today we can make some progress on groundwork and things have dried out nicely. I think today’s the day we’re going to get started planting.

We have some sandy ground and some heavy clay that takes a while to dry out. I would say 30% of our ground is probably not too far from being plantable today — maybe more than that — so we can get rolling.

We’re going to start with beans. We’ve been having good results with the earlier beans for our operation the last few years. We’ll hit those pretty hard for a day or so before the corn. I think we’ll be rolling with both planters towards the end of week.… Continue reading

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Introducing the 2024 Between the Rows farmers

Matt Spillman

We farm corn, soybeans and wheat and make some hay. We’re usually about 50-50 on corn and beans and then we put in a couple hundred acres of wheat. Things are looking pretty good on the wheat. It survived through winter and looks really good. We got the first round of nitrogen on month ago and are looking forward to doing the second application here soon. It was really dry when the wheat was planted. We put it in deep and we seem to have a good stand. 

My dad and uncle started the farm and then dad passed away 2 years ago. Now my two brothers are farming too. We also feed out some freezer beef and sell some through auction.

Most of the winter was really nice. We had a February that was actually nicer than April has been so far. We’re just kind of waiting on things to dry out after the recent rain.… Continue reading

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2024 Between the Rows farmers

This year’s Between the Rows farmers are Hannah and Josh Kiser, of Kiser Seed from Sandusky County; Jeff Rea from northwest Union County, John Settlemyre, current president of Ohio Corn & Wheat, from Clinton County; and Matt Spillman who farms with his family in Stark and Tuscarawas counties.

The first Between the Rows report for 2024 will be April 8.… Continue reading

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