Kim Lemmon

Kim Lemmon has been a member of the Ohio's Country Journal staff since 1999. She is currently the manager editor.

Kim graduated from The Ohio State University with a major in Agricultural Communications and a minor in Equine Science. Kim and her husband, Mark, reside in Marion County.

The Lemmons currently own miniature horses. They also breed and raise a few pygmy goats each year.

Kim has owned horses since she was a child and has been involved in many aspects of the horse industry since that time. From 2002 until 2010, Kim operated her own riding lesson program that included coaching 4-H members, adults and a college equestrian program. She is also a former 4-H horse judge.

6-Horse Hitch $100,000 Invitational to air on RFD-TV

UPDATED AIR TIMES: RFD-TV changed the schedule. Saturday Feb. 22: The round one performance will not be aired live. On Sunday, Feb. 23, round two will air live at 11 a.m. eastern. Round one coverage will be part of a two-hour special on Wednesday, March 2.

Percherons, Belgians, and Clydesdales will meet up in Mesquite, Texas, in late February to compete for the largest premiums ever offered in 6-Horse Hitch competition.

Competitors from throughout the country were invited to attend the Gentle Giants $100,000 Invitational that will be held Feb. 22 and 23 in conjunction with “The American” which claims to be one of the richest rodeos in the sport.

For those that can’t attend the competition, the Gentle Giants $100,000 Invitational will be aired LIVE on RFD-TV Sunday, Feb. 23 at 11 a.m. eastern. On March 2, RFD-TV will air a two-hour special of the event that includes coverage from round one.… Continue reading

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Baby animal photos warm the heart during frigid temperatures

This time of year it becomes hard to remember that Spring will actually be here before we know it. Most of the time, I just want to stay in bed and cover my head until it warms up, but I don’t think my employers, my husband or my livestock would appreciate that.

In an effort to cheer us all, I asked my Facebook friends to share some photos of past or present baby livestock. There is just something about baby animals that makes me think Spring is coming and helps me hold out hope that I can stand another month or two of winter.

Enjoy these photos. Hopefully they will at least warm up your heart.

Thank you everyone who submitted photos!… Continue reading

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An ode to frozen horse manure

Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall,

I never fail to heed their call.


Out to the barn I trudge in all weather,

Nothing prevents feeding and stall cleaning, nothing not ever!


Horses greet me with a neigh

As I fill their stalls with hay.


Content and quietly they continue to munch

As I tend to their stalls in the frozen months.


Yet frozen manure is hard to ignore,

It piles up quickly each night as I snore.


Removing frozen piles is challenging task,

But the stalls must be cleaned so in them horses can bask.


Kicking, beating and stabbing won’t do,

There’s not much that can out-wit a frozen pile of poo.


Some is removed but not all will abate,

And makes my sanity a subject of debate.


Falls and twisted ankles are often the result,

As the piles stick to the ground like a personal insult.… Continue reading

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Dodging Amish buggies 2.0


My husband, Mark, and I planned an overnight trip to Berlin in early January. We’re really not huge Amish Country fans (we have Amish friends at home), but we like to get away without being too far away. We spent most of our time in nearby cities, shopping or eating at restaurants.

On a Saturday evening after dark, we were traveling back to our room in Berlin at 50 or 55 mph (the speed limit) on a state route and we were still more than 20 miles away from Berlin when out of nowhere two tiny red lights appeared out of the darkness. I started screaming at Mark to slow down — he still hadn’t seen the red reflectors.

I wasn’t really sure what was ahead of us, but I was afraid it might be something with red eyes. No matter what it was I didn’t want to it hit it.… Continue reading

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2014 Draft horse sale dates

Flat Rock Farm Percheron Mares

It is that time of year again — draft horse sale season. Since it was so popular last year, I have once again compiled a list of dates and locations for a few draft horse sales that are held in Ohio or states close nearby.

Be sure to follow the links below (when available) for more information and to verify times and dates.

Happy shopping!

February 6-7, 2014: Great Lakes Draft Horse Sale, East Lansing, Mich.

February 18-21, 2014: Mid-America Draft Horse Sale, Gifford, Ill.

March 4-7, 2014: Mid-Ohio Draft  Horse Spring Sale, Mt. Hope, Ohio

March 5-7, 2014: Southern Indiana Spring Draft Horse & Carriage Auction, Montgomery, IN

March 18-21, 2014: Topeka Draft Horse Sale, Topeka, Ind.

March 25-28, 2014: Waverly Midwest Horse Sale, Waverly, Iowa

April 24-25, 2014: Buckeye Draft Sale, Dover, Ohio

Apr 24-26, 2014: National Clydesdale Sale, Howe, IN

May 2, 2014: Northern Indiana Carriage & Antique Auction, Shipshewana, IN

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Winter storm sends even snow-loving livestock inside

Last week’s weather seemed extreme to almost everyone. Although I was fortunate enough to only receive a couple of inches of snow, the negative degree temperatures combined with high winds still made for a miserable few days.

I spent much time debating with myself about whether or not the horses should be turned out during such extreme weather. Spending the day outside allows them to exercise, which is good for them, and it means less stall cleaning for me, but I couldn’t believe even they would enjoy being outside in negative temperatures.

In the end, it was my draft horse, Julie, who helped me make the decision. She is the only horse to have access to a stall and a dry lot 100% of the time. She is from the state up north so she loves the snow and cold temperatures and often stands outside no matter what the temperature to enjoy snow.… Continue reading

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I told you reindeer were real!

A year ago my husband, Mark, and I got into an argument about the existence of reindeer. I was trying to convince him to visit a Christmas display that included live reindeer, and he thought I was crazier than normal.

The conversation went something like this:

Kim: “I think we should visit Pine Acres.”

Mark: “Why would we want to do that?”

Kim: “I think it would be fun. There are lights and Christmas displays and live reindeer.”

Mark (rolling his eyes and laughing): “Right. Reindeer!”

He then tried to turn his back and walk out of the room to end the conversation, but I followed him.

Kim: “What do you mean?”

Mark: “There are no such things as reindeer.”

Kim: “Please tell me you don’t really believe that?”

Mark: “Seriously Kim, stop trying to convince me they are real. It will just be regular deer dressed up to look like reindeer.”… Continue reading

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Deer saved from coyotes by hunters

Deer season is often full of adventure for those involved but this video is amazing. Apparently, two bucks’ antlers became permanently latched together while they were fighting. One buck died, either during the fight or by being eat by coyotes, while the live buck remained attached to the dead buck. The dead buck quickly became a feast for a group of coyotes.

Some hunters took pity on the buck and decided to save him from the same fate his sparring partner had received. Much effort was put forth to untangle the live buck from the dead one.

Enjoy the video and remember most hunters care as much about living wildlife as they do filling their tables with meat and their walls with trophies.

I originally watched the video at LiveLeak.comContinue reading

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Draft horses and chainsaws: A match made in heaven?

I recently spent time in the woods with a crew of loggers that used horsepower to move the harvested timber. I was collecting photos and information for an upcoming article in Ohio’s Country Journal.

Generally, I picture the woods as a quiet and peaceful place to spend a fall day, but when this crew was working, the woods were filled with noise as the buzz of chainsaws filled the air. The saws sounded rather loud to my sensitive ears so I was surprised to find the Percheron draft horses working that day unfazed by the noise. As they waited (unsupervised) for a path to be made to allow them to safely reach the next set of logs, they munched on leaves or napped. I guess they are a lot more used to the noise than me as they spend a lot of time working in the woods.

I made  short video of the horses as they waited.… Continue reading

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Wild turkey encounters

I grew up in Clark County, Ohio. Although I realize that wild turkeys do exist in the county, I don’t recall ever seeing one during the time I lived within its borders. I have lived in Morrow County for more than a decade, and I often see large groups of turkeys. It is amazing what an hour’s drive can do to change the habitat, and therefore the wildlife, that lives in it in this great state of Ohio.

During my time in Morrow County, I have seen large groups of turkeys searching for insects in fields, and I have seen them flying across the roads. Their ability to fly surprised me because I don’t spend much time in the woods and I have a general lack of knowledge about turkeys. I didn’t realize they could fly.

This past spring, I learned something else about turkeys. They are fast even on the ground. … Continue reading

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Is this February or November?

Though some Ohioans received snow in late October, a more widespread snowfall hit the state last week. This early-November snowfall was the first snow I received this season.

Although I had heard reports of expected snow, I was surprised to wake up to not only about an inch of snow, but also a thin layer of ice beneath the snow. I had to break ice off of latches to gain entry into the barn, and once inside, I found a barn full of frozen water buckets. I had to be dreaming. The forecast has more very cold temperatures late this week and early next week. This was November right?

The next morning, the thin layer of snow was still on the ground and the water buckets in the barn were nearly frozen solid. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I usually don’t have to worry about using heated water buckets (which I know I’m very lucky to own) until Mid-December.… Continue reading

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Amish friends: Talking draft horses and Bigfoot

I have kind of a unique job. During most of the 14 years of my employment at Ohio’s Country Journal, my tasks have kept me in my home office or at my desk in Columbus. I enjoyed this work, but it was slightly less adventurous than my current role.

Since I have started helping write articles for the Horse Sense Section as well as an occasional feature story for Ohio’s Country Journal, I’m out of the office more. I sometimes wonder if the management ever considers what affect my hermit-like personality has on the poor folks, which are graced with my presence during my visits to interview them for upcoming articles.

Most of the time interviews start off with a little chitchat and time to get to know the people being interviewed. This portion of the fact-finding mission always brings me to a crippling silence as I search for topics to discuss with folks.… Continue reading

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Evasive bottle baby goat

Pygmy goats often give birth to multiples and raise them on their own, but recently a friend’s goat decided three babies was too many and rejected one of her kids. My friend found this poor little baby freezing and starving in her barn. The only option for his survival was to bring him into the house for a few days to warm him up and start him on a bottle.

When goats are newborns, they require feedings several times a day. My friend couldn’t take the baby to work so I volunteered to goat sit for a few days.

The job was fun in the beginning, but it become more challenging as the baby grew stronger. He no longer wanted to stay in his bed and would wander all over the house. Often I had to have my dogs help me find him.

Not only did the baby become very efficient at hiding, but his messes started becoming bigger too as he ate more.… Continue reading

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Tips for a spook–free farm on Halloween

I have a pretty vivid imagination. As a bonus, I’m literally afraid of my own shadow.  Every dark morning or evening that I trudge out to the barn, I have to work pretty hard to keep away thoughts about creatures of the night attacking me before I can flip on the barn lights. Whether or not the creatures I imagine are real, the fear I feel is definitely real.


Halloween makes all this fright much worse, because we all know it is the night that belongs to all things spooky. Add my tendency to watch several paranormal/ghost hunting shows fairly regularly into the mix of Halloween and my vivid imagination, and it is easy to understand how Halloween can become nearly a crippling experience for me because of my fears both real and imagined.


Unlike the “stars” of the ghostly reality shows, I watch these individuals search out all things spooky so I know what NOT to do. … Continue reading

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I was having a pretty good day. I was interviewing a possible horse sitter, and I was excited because she seemed to like the horses and has the time to feed for me several times a month. Although this young woman was an adult with a full-time job, she still seemed happy about helping me with occasional feedings.

We were on our way back to the barn from the house and about finished up when I noticed a snake literally under my feet. I started screaming and dancing around to get away from the snake — not exactly a great impression to leave on a potential new helper.

I tried calling my husband several times to help with snake extermination, but he didn’t answer his phone. The young woman declared that she couldn’t walk by the snake as it was in a narrow aisle, and I just didn’t think I could kill it while both she and the snake were watching me.… Continue reading

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Mt. Hope Fall 2013 Draft Horse Sale

What can I say? I couldn’t stand to miss another sale so I decided to make the trip to Mt. Hope for the Mid-Ohio Fall Draft Horse Sale. As always, it was a sight and experience to behold.

The number of horses entered in the sale seemed to out-number sales I had attended in the past. Horses were tied in stalls in all the barns, in tents and stalls were even set up out in the open without a tent to cover them.  I had never seen that before. Not to mention the horses that were tied in every possible space in the old barn.

It is hard to really truly get an idea of what the sale is like without being there. Since I had some friends selling horses this time, I decided to video as they walked their horses back to their assigned stalls in the barn after hitching them.… Continue reading

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Drive for the cure!

Most of us have had a friend or family member who has been touched by cancer, and in particular, breast cancer. Each October, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we are all given an opportunity to help do our part in finding a cure for breast cancer.

During the past couple of years, The National Percheron Association and the World Percheron Congress have teamed up with Susan G. Komen for the Cure by selling “Drive for the Cure” bracelets to raise money to fight breast cancer. The pink bracelets include artwork of a Percheron horse and the words “Drive for the Cure.”

This fund raising effort will conclude in October 2014 on the final day of the 2014 World Percheron Congress during the Drive For Cure Charity Cart Class. All ages of drivers and sexes of horses will compete in the class. The only requirement is that the drivers wear pink. Cancer survivors will be invited to ride with participants.… Continue reading

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Salute to the barn cat

When we first moved to the country and built a barn, I immediately began searching for a barn cat. My husband, Mark, was baffled because he didn’t understand why we needed another mouth to feed or why anyone would want a cat regardless of whether it lived inside the house or in the barn.

I have visited many barns through the years. The barns that lack cats are often home to birds that deposit their droppings on every available surface. If the cat-free barns are fortunate enough to avoid an infestation of birds, they are home to rodents that scurry around every corner and steal livestock feed or just generally make a mess.

I am not a fan of birds or rodents of any kind. I’ve been known to run screaming from the barn at the site of a tiny mouse; so, barn cats have become a necessity for our barn.… Continue reading

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Farm Science Review, applesauce and oil

Most folks attend the Farm Science Review to look at equipment, visit ag related businesses and watch harvest demonstrations. They probably fail to realize that there is much adventure that goes on behind the scenes for exhibitors during FSR. I certainly had my fair share of wild times during the 2013 Review.

On the Monday before the show, the staff of Ohio’s Country Journal/Ohio Ag Net feeds lunch to the exhibitors. I was assigned the job of refilling the applesauce. Things were going pretty well until toward the end of the lunch. I was preparing to carry a new pan of applesauce to the serving table when Dale Minyo asked me if I needed help. I assured Dale that I was fine and that I had been managing well all morning.

Despite my assurances, Dale was right that I needed help because he was able to point to the applesauce running out of the pan and down my leg as proof that I actually did need help.… Continue reading

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“Willie Robertson” of Duck Dynasty makes a visit to the Morrow County Fair

So maybe the actual Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty didn’t make it to the Morrow County Fair, but he was represented by a driver dressed in a costume to look like him during the Draft, Pony, Mini and Mule Show at the fair during the Free Style Driving Class.


I’m always looking for a way to have a lot of fun during this class so this year I dressed up as Willie Robertson. It was a fun time. Most folks didn’t recognize me, and a few folks thought I looked more like a terrorist than a cast member of Duck Dynasty, but I had a good time.


Always remember, the fair should always be about having fun!

 … Continue reading

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