Kim Lemmon

Kim Lemmon has been a member of the Ohio's Country Journal staff since 1999. She is currently the manager editor.

Kim graduated from The Ohio State University with a major in Agricultural Communications and a minor in Equine Science. Kim and her husband, Mark, reside in Marion County.

The Lemmons currently own miniature horses. They also breed and raise a few pygmy goats each year.

Kim has owned horses since she was a child and has been involved in many aspects of the horse industry since that time. From 2002 until 2010, Kim operated her own riding lesson program that included coaching 4-H members, adults and a college equestrian program. She is also a former 4-H horse judge.

The double-barreled mini horse

By Kim Lemmon

Several times a year, two area farriers visit my house to trim the horses’ hooves. The guys do maintain separate businesses but on days that they travel to big barns, they often work together to complete the day’s work more efficiently.

When a visit is scheduled for my house, the two farriers, Jonathan and David, often work on my horses together. I don’t think it is because I have a lot of work for them but mostly because neither of them wants the “pleasure” of trimming all my mini horses’ feet. Minis can be kind of temperamental about hoof trimming. Jonathan says it is because it is uncomfortable for the horse and the farrier since so much bending and stretching is required by both parties due to the fact that the minis are so low to the ground.

David drew the short straw and was nominated to trim the hooves on both of my new horses.… Continue reading

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Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth

By Kim Lemmon

We’ve all heard the saying, “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.” As it turns out, what it really means is appreciate a gift for what it is and don’t try to figure out its value. In the middle ages, the age and the value of a horse, was determined by looking at its teeth, thus the saying, “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.”

In general, my husband, Mark, and I try to stay away from free horses and livestock. We have turned down many free horses through the years because we figured that there had to be some serious flaws with the horses that caused them to be free, but in horses and life we have learned there are always exceptions.

About two and half years ago, I closed my riding lesson business in order to pursue my dream of owning and showing a draft horse.… Continue reading

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It was like waking up to a wild woman

By Kim Lemmon

Due to my husband, Mark’s, work and class schedule, our sleep schedules are often very different — especially on the weekends. He often catches up on his sleep on the weekends while I rise earlier in order to feed the horses and get started with whatever needs done for the day. If I need to get something done, it needs to get done in the morning when I’m the most energetic.

Lately, I have been driving Mark crazy with my obsessive cleaning. I’ve been moving furniture, cleaning carpets and selling or giving away anything we no longer need.

Mark likes to keep more household items than I do just “in case,” so it has been a fairly laborious (for me) and often frustrating process (for him).

Because I hate to throw things away, we have given a lot of stuff to Salvation Army. I also started another round of craigslist sales that has proved to be fairly successful so far, but let’s face it, there are a few items that no one will buy and that Salvation Army doesn’t want.… Continue reading

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Dodgin’ Amish buggies

By Kim Lemmon

Several times a year I have to travel to Mt. Hope, Ohio, for various horse-related reasons. I usually attend the Mt. Hope Draft Horse at least once a year, which requires me to travel the dreaded Mt. Hope Road. This maze of curves and steep hills seems more like a roller coaster with random abrupt stops to dodge horses, buggies and people. I hate that dangerous road.

Recently, I discovered a new route to my favorite harness shop. It still takes me a few weeks to get up the nerve to make the trip because I live in fear that a hill or a curve will conceal a buggy and an on coming car, but I love to visit the shop and I was in need of a few supplies.

The harness shop owner is very kind and patient but I know he thinks I’m a little stranger than the average English woman he meets.… Continue reading

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Twilight: Top 10 reasons vampires would make great farmers

By Kim Lemmon

The release of the final movie in Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight Saga, “Breaking Dawn  – Part 2,” stimulates a discussion on the reasons vampires would make great farmers.

I was a late bloomer when it came to the Twilight craze. I had, of course, heard of the books and the movies, but I resisted watching or reading anything in the series because I don’t like cliffhangers and I can become sort of an obsessive reader if I start a series. In the fall of 2011, my resistance failed when I happened to run across a showing of “Twilight” on television. After watching the first movie, I’m ashamed to admit that this 30-something adult woman was hooked on the series like a teenage “Twihard.”

I’ve read the books (which are, by the way, much better than the movies) several times and I’m anxiously awaiting the release of the final movie, “Breaking Dawn – Part 2.”… Continue reading

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Sometimes the obvious isn’t so obvious

By Kim Lemmon

On the evening Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast, my husband, Mark, and I spent a good bit of time preparing our horses, barn and property for the high winds expected as a result of the storm in Ohio that night and into the next day. Once all the critters were determined to be cozy and well fed, we returned to the house to warm up and have some dinner.

When we entered the house, we were very disappointed to find that our furnace wasn’t working. Since the storm was just beginning to hit the East Coast, we really had no idea how much wind, rain or snow we could expect in Ohio but we were pretty certain we didn’t want to be without heat through the storm. The house was already becoming kind of cold.

Mark went right to work on the furnace. The usual warning lights and issues didn’t seem to be the problem but he couldn’t figure out what was ailing the furnace.… Continue reading

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Is horse crazy a contagious disease? – The update

By Kim Lemmon

Read my November Horse Sense column for the back story. This is the update.

A miracle happened and we were able to sell one of the bred mares the day before Mark’s mini appaloosa gelding, Houdini, was scheduled to come home. This sale made housing the minis a little less tight but things were still a bit cramped the first couple of days.

The geldings are getting along fine and Mark finished our stall project the following weekend so now each gelding has his own stall. Mark spent an entire Saturday working on other projects as well to not only make room in the barn for Houdini but to make chores easier for me. I have really appreciated the updates.

Mark has also held up his end of the bargain so far and is helping with evening chores. I do most of the stall cleaning in the morning but that is my fault and not his.… Continue reading

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A barn haunting: The scariest dark place to visit.

By Kim Lemmon

My family often accuses me of being crazy. I don’t think I’m ACTUALLY crazy but I do have a very vivid imagination.

Books are as visual as movies to me, and I can get scared pretty easily if I read or watch anything too horrifying. The worst part for me though is when I’m scared of things that actually exist in real life.

Sure books and movies are fun (even the scary ones) but most of the time they are fiction and even if I become scared my more logical side prevails and I am able to curb my feelings of fear. The real problem occurs when I am scared of something that is actually REAL.

If you have read any of my articles in Ohio’s Country Journal or my blogs on this website, you know that we have horses. Twice a day I go out to the barn to feed the horses and barn cats.… Continue reading

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Tips for selling items on craigslist

By Kim Lemmon

Most of us have accumulated a few items through the years that we no longer need. Garage and yard sales are still a great way to clean out and clean up your home or barn but craigslist can often be an even better place to buy and sell items because the Internet reaches such a large audience.

Craigslist is a website that allows people to post online ads for free. Folks can look at posted ads of items for sale in their area by location and product type. My favorite section is the farm and garden section. I’ve bought and sold many items on craigslist. I’m sort of a junkie.

My friends and family have often asked me about my success at selling items on craigslist. I don’t have any special skills; I just put a lot of time and effort into selling my products.

Here are some of my top tips if you plan to sell items of your own on craigslist.… Continue reading

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My sister is not afraid of Bigfoot

My sister travels through these thick woods several times a day to care for her pasture-raised poultry.

By Kim Lemmon

My sister, Kelly Hahn, and her family live in the rolling hills near Mohican on 23 acres of mostly woods. Not only is their house bordering a thick wooded area, but for 6 to 8 months of the year, Kelly takes at least twice daily drives in her ATV or walks through the thick woods to care for her pasture raised poultry.

It is typical for the Hahns to have 1,000 chickens of varying degrees of growth scattered in moveable pens in flat pastures at the top of wooded hills and at the bottom of small valleys. They also manage pasture-raised turkeys and have laying hens and a few hogs on hand as well.

Whenever we have family parties at Kelly’s house, the extended family takes walks with Kelly and her husband through the wooded paths and up the hills to take a look at her chickens.… Continue reading

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At Flat Rock Draft Horses, family makes for a great team

By Kim Lemmon

If you read my blog in August, you know I admire the equine members of the Flat Rock Draft Horse team.  The more that I watched the members of the Rowe family work together as I prepared to write a more complete story on Flat Rock Draft Horses for Ohio’s Country Journal, I began to admire how seamlessly the human members of the team worked together as well.

My family which included my mom, dad and sister and I showed light horses when I was growing up. My sister and I each showed an Appaloosa gelding at 4-H and open shows. I enjoyed the showing but as is often the case with most families’ endeavours there was some drama from time to time. We had fun and placed well but upon reflection I think we might all be a little too high strung to show a team of draft horses together for decades.… Continue reading

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Barn invaders of the buzzing kind

By Kim Lemmon

For several weeks, I had been noticing a large number of what I thought were bees buzzing and flying around the entrance to my horse barn. They weren’t bothering the horses but they were becoming more bold and increasing in numbers. The insects were located near where I store my grain so I had to make multiple trips past them to feed the horses both morning and night.

After several weeks of failed searches for their nest, my investigation and bravery finally led to the discovery of a hole in a hay bale. The insects had bored a hole for easy entrance and exit into the stacked hay.

I wouldn’t let my husband look for their nest himself because I feared he might be attacked. The insects were becoming more and more aggravated by our human investigations. My husband called a friend who has bees and the friend agreed to come over and take look.… Continue reading

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The joys of downsizing livestock numbers

By Kim Lemmon

Many of you know that I have raised pygmy goats for about 7 years. Some of you even followed some of the ups and downs of my goat breeding program through this blog.

I loved my goats and enjoyed caring for them but as the years passed the joys of raising livestock were often overshadowed by the struggles to keep them all healthy, fed, watered and living in clean pens while still fulfilling my duties at home and work.

It became evident this summer that I really wasn’t enjoying the goats as much as I should have been. I had sold my favorites so I was basically cleaning up after and caring for some really fancy goats from which I really wasn’t getting any enjoyment.

To the shock of almost everyone I know, I decided to sell my remaining goats and take a break for awhile.

I didn’t struggle with the decision and I don’t regret it.… Continue reading

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Lessons from the county fair

By Kim Lemmon

The saying is, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Sometimes it takes not only the help of the local villagers but also the help of nearly the entire county to get me through the local county fair.

It seemed like I wouldn’t even make it to the fair on opening day. My co-workers had helped me finish the September issue of Ohio’s Country Journal a day early and I was excited to be headed to the fair with my draft horse and two mini horses but nothing is ever easy about moving into the fair.

I put the truck in drive and found that the brakes were gone. My husband, Mark, called a friend and he very generously loaned us his very clean and very expensive truck so we could get all the horses and their accessories to the fair. The truck was returned in less than squeaky-clean condition but was accepted back graciously nonetheless.… Continue reading

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Percheron Thunder Roman Riding

By Kim Lemmon

Last week when I attended the Indiana State Fair, I got the pleasure of watching Jason Goodman’s Roman Riding act. He stands on the backs of the wheel team of his six-horse hitch of Percherons as they gallop around the arena.

I saw him perform at the 2010 World Percheron Congress but his act never gets dull. Sorry the video isn’t better. It is a pretty exciting act to watch so it is hard to hold the camera still.

Check out for more information on Percheron Thunder.

Also, my horses and I will be attending and showing at the Morrow County Fair next week. Make sure you stop by the draft barn and say hi if you are there.

If it isn’t a show day, you may have to wake me up. I often get more and more tired as the week goes on and sneak in some naps in the horse barn.… Continue reading

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Stage coach accident at the Indiana State Fair

Pre-show entertainment at the Indiana State Fair Pepsi Coliseum Draft Horse Show injures five in horse-drawn stage coach flip.

By Kim Lemmon

For the past two years, I have traveled to the Indiana State Fair to watch the National Percheron Show. This year, my husband, Mark, and I talked about visiting on Sunday, August 12 for the opening of the draft shows but we weren’t able to find horse sitters so we decided to stay home.

Sunday night I received a text from Heather Hetterick of Ohio Ag Net to see if I was at the Indiana State Fair. She was monitoring news on the internet and saw that there had been an accident in the Indiana State Fair’s Pepsi Coliseum before the start of the draft horse show Sunday night.

Apparently, a stage coach with a 6-horse hitch of light horses was carrying several queens, judges and other show officials into the Coliseum before the start of the show.… Continue reading

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Bucking bull futurities

By Kim Lemmon

My husband, Mark, is a rodeo fan so I’ve been to my share of rodeos. The bucking bulls were always my least favorite part of the rodeo so I never gave too much thought to what makes a good bull until recently.

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine stumbled across a bucking bull futurity. I guess it does make sense that these valuable animals would need to have a way to gain training, knowledge and experience before cowboys climb aboard.

These futurities allow bulls to enter chutes and wear all the bucking bull gear to gain experience without the added stress and weight of a cowboy on the backs of these young bulls.

This was the second year a futurity was held in Ohio at Buckin’ Ohio near Burbank. I can see the value in this event to find out which bulls have the potential and talent to one day become professional rodeo bulls.… Continue reading

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Draft horse paparazzi

By Kim Lemmon

Some people watch TMZ or read In Touch magazine to follow their favorite stars. It can become a hobby or sometimes an obsession for some folks to follow their favorite movie and television or sports stars.

My favorite pass time is attending draft horse shows and watching draft horses. For the past two years, my favorite draft horse  — besides my own mare — has been a famous Percheron gelding whose barn name is Cody. He and his teammates won a lot of classes at the 2010 World Percheron Show and have had a lot of success in the show ring since then. Cody is amazing in harness and it is obvious that he loves to be shown.

I see Cody several times a year because he is part of the Flat Rock team that is located in Bellevue, Ohio, so he and his teammates are often shown at the draft shows I attend.… Continue reading

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Waiting for the Ohio State Fair Draft Horse Show

By Kim Lemmon

If you read my blog last week, you know that I’m very excited for the Ohio State Fair Draft Horse Show to start. I decided that maybe if I drove my Percheron draft horse mare, Julie, that it would not only help me prepare for my county fair at the end of August but it would also get me even more in the mood for the draft horse show at the state fair.

After harnessing the horse and dragging the cart around and hitching it to her, I have even more admiration for the folks that show draft horses. My cart and harness are really heavy.

Julie is an experienced show horse. She was shown in halter, cart and team classes up to the four-hitch at state fairs when she was younger by her former owners. She knows what she is doing, but I don’t.

We took a few laps around the arena and a few trips up and down the road.… Continue reading

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My favorite time of year: The Ohio State Fair

By Kim Lemmon
The 12 days of the Ohio State Fair are my favorite days of the year. Of course everyone has their own reasons to visit the fair but as I’m sure you can guess, I LOVE the horse show.

I’ve attended the fair every year of my life, and there were times when the fair was 17 days long that I attended everyday. Nowadays, I usually attend during the draft horse show. I have friends that show plus I just love to watch those horses stomp around the arena with their harness chains rattling. What a rush!

When the fair was reduced to 12 days several years ago, many competitions started to be held before the actual fair opened. This week, I decided to attend some of those shows.

While I was on the grounds, I decided to take a quick tour to see how fair displays were coming together in preparation for the fair.… Continue reading

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