Brad Mattix

Brad Mattix, 2014 wrap up

There were three or four different companies and several varieties that yielded really well for us. There were some others that yielded well but had low test-weights. I have been debating going with conventional corn, but I still think we are going to go with Genuity VT Double PRO next year.

Our beans ended up a little below average for us this year. Planting date is the biggest thing I noticed this year for the corn. We finished June 1 and most of the time the first planted stuff is the best and that was the case this season. Some of our later corn was not nearly as good as our first corn. We definitely saw that trend with the yields. The range between our best corn and worst corn was phenomenal this year. I have never seen anything like it in my life. Our corn still averaged north of 200 but I don’t know exactly where we will end up.… Continue reading

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Brad Mattix, Nov. 24

We still have about 60 acres to do. We had a bad breakdown on our grain setup and we couldn’t get things wrapped up. And, we needed extra help on our manure side and that slowed us up too. We just need part of a day to finish up.

I am concerned with this wind today in the corn. It won’t be good. It has been standing well so far. I am hoping it is still standing after today.

The snow shut us out for a little while but we got back into it on Saturday. Some of our later corn was not nearly as good as our first corn. We definitely saw that trend with the yields. The range between our best corn and worst corn was phenomenal this year. I have never seen anything like it in my life. Our corn still averaged north of 200 but I don’t know exactly where we will end up.… Continue reading

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Brad Mattix, Nov. 10

We are still shelling corn we have 700 acres to go and some cold weather coming. The earlier planted corn in May was shocking with yields and we have been very happy. Maybe it is just the farm, but now we are seeing an 80-bushel difference in the later corn. Our earlier corn averaged in the mid 240s. The stuff we are shelling now is 21.5% moisture.

We are done with beans. Everything around home was in the low to mid 60s for an average, but as we went north we saw some lower yields. We had one farm that, in six weeks, only got a tenth of an inch of rain and it showed. It was horrifying. It only averaged 35 bushels. Our beans ended up a little below average for us at 54.5 bushels.

We have made some pretty decent progress in the corn. The stalks are decent, but so far we have not seen problems.… Continue reading

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Brad Mattix, Oct. 27

We have made some pretty decent progress. We still have 500 acres of beans and quite a bit of corn to go. There is only one person in the area I know of who is done. Beans are probably 70% done and corn is maybe at 35% or 40% around here.

The bean yields have been pretty decent. I have heard a range from 45 to a field that averaged 80 bushels. They are better than what I was anticipating.

The later planted corn is still running 30% moisture. There are some fields doing well and some not so good. I have heard of fields running from 125 bushels up to 270 bushels.

We have some corn fields where we are losing the tops and it looks like it could go down. We are not going to get to that corn before this rain. We are behind. I wish we were done with our beans.… Continue reading

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Brad Mattix, Oct. 6

We have a lot more corn done than beans. We have a couple hundred acres of beans done and around 650 acres of corn done. I was surprised when I got into it that the corn was as dry as it was. The moisture in the corn has been running anywhere from 22% to 25.5%. It is still a little wet, but I am running it due to the fact that we have to keep going. We keep getting little showers that have been keeping us out. We are supposed to get more showers today.

We still have more green stems in pockets in the beans and it has been tough cutting, so we have kept running corn. There is such a range in our corn. We have some tremendous yields and then we have the wet holes that just kill you. Tile is going to pay big time this year.… Continue reading

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Brad Mattix, Sept. 22

There are a few guys around here that had some early varieties that were planted early. They have started cutting beans. I have heard yields of anywhere from 45 bushels to 60 bushels. I would say we’ll get started with harvesting beans before the end of the week.

I noticed that there are some tops out of this corn already. I am afraid this corn is not going to stand too well as we go through harvest. If we get wind with rain it could be really bad.

We’ll start in with beans. Our corn moisture is still in the mid-30s. And I have heard that storage could be an issue this fall. It sounds like it will be first come first serve at the elevators. Some of the elevators are not completely empty because they can’t get trains to haul out the old crop.

We have not had much rain.… Continue reading

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Brad Mattix, Sept. 8

This stuff is starting to turn. There are a couple of guys in this area that might get into some of the early variety beans that were planted early even later this week or next. We have missed the rains and it is dry. We have seen some gray leaf spot and other late season diseases in the corn with the morning fog we have been having, but I think it is too late to worry about them.

I don’t know if more rains will do us much good at this point. I think the crops are what they are. I don’t think our bean crop will make average yields this year. We have had a dry August that did not have enough rain to support 60-bushel beans. For the last five years we have consistently seen 60-bushel beans in this area. This year, I don’t believe the beans are podded enough this year to consider 60- bushel averages.… Continue reading

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Brad Mattix, Aug. 25

We received a couple nice showers last week that will really help finish out some corn. It would be nice to get some more rain for the later planted corn. We got anywhere from 1.3 to 2.2 inches on most of our farms. Our farm up north in Bucyrus, though, had been missing the rain and it only got two tenths. The lack of rain is showing up in the crops there. It is really needing rain in that area.

The rains were also very good for the soybeans. Some of the beans have a decent amount of pods, but we still need some rain to finish them out. Another inch or so would still be good. There are a lot of late beans yet that will still need rain through the first part of September.

I found a field of corn that was planted in June and pollinated last week.… Continue reading

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Brad Mattix, Aug. 11

Last Saturday we caught an inch but it was spotty. Two miles down the road we got two tenths. If we could get a good soaking rain it would really help. The beans are still flat podded in some of these later planted fields and they have a long way to go yet. The corn pollinated great. We had perfect weather for it, but we still need rain. I think that our corn crop around here will be average at best.

I got to take a crop tour from South Dakota all the way back. It looks like a good crop, but I saw some tremendous hail damage in Iowa. It was so bad in some areas that they worked the corn up and replanted beans that are only three or four inches tall in some fields. In some places you are able to get up on the Interstate and see over the fields.… Continue reading

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Brad Mattix, Marion County, July 7

We saw guys trying to finish up planting beans for the first time on July 3. There is a decent amount of prevented planting in our area. There are also a lot of guys who didn’t get the corn acres planted that they wanted. And, over around Sunbury it has been terrible. There have been a lot of guys talking about sidedressing with an airplane because they can’t get in the fields to get it done. Then some guys have had to stop the airplanes so they weren’t applying fertilizer in standing water.

The beans have come out of it some because we have been little drier. It looks like there could be a shower here in the next couple of days and as long as it is not too much, it will probably help. Where the corn is good it looks great now, but there are holes out there that will be there for the rest of the year no matter what.… Continue reading

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Brad Mattix, Marion County, June 23

We still have a lot of spraying to be done. Guys have forced the sidedressing around here and there are guys around here who are still trying to get their first crop beans in the ground.

It just keeps raining. In the last two weeks we have gotten everything from 3.8 inches to 5.1 inches. The heat is helping but when you look around the neighborhood you just don’t see those nice, beautiful fields that you normally do. The corn is uneven and some fields look decent and some do not look very good at all. The earlier corn is getting past the V7 to V8 stage.

There is still a lot of replanting that needs to be done. We still have replanting to do but we haven’t been able to get in and do it. Friday was our last day for prevented planting insurance coverage. It looks like they are calling for rain all of this week.… Continue reading

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Brad Mattix, Marion Co., June 9

We finished planting on June 1. The rains have been worse. There are still pockets of beans around here that aren’t planted and I know a guy over by Sunbury that is only half done with corn. We had to spot in about 180 acres of beans and about 80 acres of corn.

We are just soggy. On our northern farm, we got 4.4 inches in one rain and we have had seven and a half to eight inches of rain in the Bucyrus area in last couple of weeks. I would have to replant that as well if it would dry out.

The corn crop is below average. It doesn’t look that great because it is waterlogged. It is not real green and it is getting uneven.

All of our ground has too much water on it. There may be a couple hundred acres on our southern farms that aren’t too wet.… Continue reading

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Brad Mattix, Marion County, May 23

I am scouting a field now that got pummeled. It is possible that we could have some replant here. There are maybe 150 acres or so that really got hit hard with two and a half or three inches. It sealed in the corn because the rain beat it so hard. It is like a road it is so smooth. Most of the corn is up and you can see the places where it could not get through.

The earlier corn was looking awfully nasty and yellow. It is looking much better with some heat and some sunlight.

Were trying to find a field we can open up today or tomorrow, but there really hasn’t been anything that has gotten done in the last couple of weeks because of all the rain.

We are able to spread manure today in a couple of places. The manure application is going better than I would have expected for as wet as it has been this spring.… Continue reading

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Brad Mattix, Marion County, May 12

We are wet now. We got 1.4 inches of rain last night. Most guys are half done with corn in this area, maybe a little more in this general area. There have been beans going in around here as well. The beans are probably in the 15% to 20% range planted. We are 65% done with corn and a little over a third done with beans.

We ended up starting on May 5 with planting. We had some issues with our new planting tractor and we lost couple of days with that. I think the hydraulic pump on that is bad. It has been going in really nice. It would be better if we were just a little further ahead. I haven’t seen any corn up yet, but I did see a field of beans up.

At this time, we have applied 32,000 or 33,000 tons of poultry manure. We are passed our goal for the spring application amounts, but we still have 10,000 or 12,000 tons on the books to do yet.… Continue reading

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Brad Mattix, April 21

We are shooting anhydrous today. The ground seems to be handling it OK where we are at right now. The ground is systematically tiled where we are. There is a big difference between the ground that is tiled and the ground that is not. There are some other guys doing some anhydrous today too. The ground conditions are pretty nice with all of the freezing we had this winter.

We have been fixing tile and spreading chicken manure too. We are spreading in the Radnor area here for a few days where they have sandier soils. We have a few farms right now we can work on but we’re hoping we will be able to get on it really hard here pretty soon.

We are seeing a few little weeds in the bottom ground but not much in the high ground quite yet. We are just starting to see them showing up, but I don’t think the weed pressure is bad yet.… Continue reading

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Brad Mattix, April 7

We ended up with a couple of inches out of this last rain. Nobody has been out in the fields around here. We were able to get 6,000 tons of manure spread. We are trying to do it and keep the farmers happy and get it done right. It will be a very demanding business this spring with the conditions we are seeing.

Planting looks like it will have a late start. Today is the seventh and last year there were guys planting corn around here on the eighth. I think it is definitely going to be a late spring. It looks like they are calling for another half or three quarters of an inch of rain today.

The wheat crop itself does not look too good. It maybe looks fair in most fields. There are few fields in the area that look decent, but as a whole I don’t think the wheat looks really good.… Continue reading

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Brad Mattix

We farm 4,400 acres in a 50-50 corn soybean rotation in Marion and Crawford counties. We also own M&W Farm Supply and put chicken litter on most of the ground. We work with chicken litter from Trillium Farms out of Croton and the Mt. Victory and Marseilles area. We do all of the spreading with that and cover anywhere from 50,000 to 68,000 acres with over 100,000 tons in an 11-county area. We have to spread 31,000 tons this spring. We will have variable rate capabilities for spreading this spring and fall. That keeps us hopping.

We haven’t been able to spread manure since New Year’s Day because we don’t apply on frozen ground. We’ve got to make sure we are following the setbacks and we watch the rules very carefully. If we do something wrong everyone else could pay for it and we refuse for that to happen. We go by the book.… Continue reading

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