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Ohio Field Leader Podcast 6 1 2023 Episode 32 Steve Reinhard

On this episode, the Ohio Feild Leader Roadshow makes a stop in Crawford County at the farm of Steve Reinhard.  Steve is a soybean farmer and seed dealer, and also serves as Vice Chair of the United Soybean Board. Dusty and Steve discuss the spring planting season of 2023 and also the important work of the United Soybean Board leaveraging check-off dollars for farmers in Ohio and all across the country.… Continue reading

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Ohio Field Leader Podcast Episode 31: Land Use Issues

The Ohio Field Leader Roadshow is back for another year, and takes center stage for the podcast as Dusty visits with Jed Bower, a fifth generation farmer from Fayette County. Dusty and Jed discuss the past year as well as the early spring and upcoming planting season. They discuss the multiple markets available to corn and soybean farmers in Southwest Ohio. They also talk about some of the land use challenges faced all across the State of Ohio with industrial development taking prime farmland out of production, and what that means for rural communities and to farmers in the future.… Continue reading

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Ohio Field Leader Podcast, Episode 30

On the April episode of The Ohio Field Leader Podcast, Dusty is joined by Ohio State University’s Soybean Pathologist and Nematologist, Dr. Horacio Lopez-Nicora. Dr. Lopez-Nicora will be discussing the latest research into soybean pathogens, and in particular the work being conducted investigating Soybean Cyst Nematode. Dr. Lopez-Nicora explains the importance of knowing if a soybean field has a population of SCN and if it does, what the number is and also identifying the specific population in order to be able to plan an effective management strategy. They also discuss the continued resistance that is developing within the SCN populations to various resistance traits, such as PI 88788, and ways to deal with this problem.

This podcast is brought to you by Ohio’s Soybean Farmers and their check-off.… Continue reading

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Ohio Field Leader Podcast, Episode 3-1-2023, Dr. Horacio Lopez-Nicora and Dr. Mitch Roth

Soybean research does not happen in a vacuum. Often times it is interdisciplinary. On this episode of the OFL Podcast we will visit with Dr. Horacio Lopez-Nicora, Soybean Pathologist and Nematologist, and Dr. Mitch Roth, Molecular Mycologist. Both these gentlemen work for Ohio Soybean Farmers working to try to improve the health of Ohio’s Soybean Crop. They analyze soybean pathogens from the genetic level all the way up to the field level to help farmers make better management decisions.… Continue reading

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Ohio Field Leader Podcast 2-1-23 Episode 28, Ohio Soybean Check-off Funded Research Update

Ohio’s soybean farmers invest everyday in research to improve production and protect the environment. The Ohio Soybean Council, through the Soybean Check-off, funds numerous research projects taking place at The Ohio State University. On this episode, we will get an update from Dr. Kelley Tilmon, Dr. Scott Schearer, and Dr. Laura Lindsey. Dr. Tilmon will update us on the latest stink bug information. Dr. Schearer will provide an update on the use of ag drones to detect and treat for crop stress in soybean fields. Dr. Lindsey will share the results of a two year study looking at early soybean planting dates that the possible interaction with cover crops.… Continue reading

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Ohio Field Leader Podcast Episode 27 – Growing for the Next Generation

For the first podcast of 2023, the Ohio Field Leader looks ahead to the future. This is a look beyond 2023 to the needs of agriculture in future generations with the help of the Ohio Soybean Council’s check-off funded GrowNextGen program. Listen in as Dusty visits with Jane Hunt to learn more about this educational program that takes science into the classroom to educate and inspire young people to consider agriculture and the soybean industry in their future. Dusty and Jane look back at the last 10 years of GrowNextGen and what is ahead in terms of hands-on learning, educational activities, careers, and resources for teachers and students alike.… Continue reading

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