2012 Between the Rows

Mark Thomas-June 25, 2012

“It is about 20 degrees cooler today, which is nice, but we could really use some water. We got .8 of an inch of rain a week ago Sunday. We got .4 in the morning and .4 in the afternoon, which was wonderful. Then, on Monday, we were in a small band that got another .8-inch. So, we can’t complain, because if you go five miles north or south of me, they didn’t get any of that second rain.

“The second cutting hay was about three-fourths of what we normally make. The alfalfa was good, but the grass didn’t have much growth to it. We did get that rain after the second cutting, which will help get re-growth going. We’ve got maybe six to eight inches of regrowth already.

“A lot of guys started harvesting wheat and then stopped because it is too wet. The dry spots in the field are 12% and the green spots are at 22% moisture.… Continue reading

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Between the Rows, June 11 update

Billy Pontius, Fairfield County – June 11, 2012


“Last week we probably got a tenth of an inch of rain. In the last five weeks we’ve maybe gotten two tenths of rain. It is pretty dry. The corn has been rolling, but I think we have roots that are really deep. I don’t know if it is hurting corn yields or not, but we need some moisture. We have had a few hot days, but it has been fairly cool.

“We’ve got some moisture pretty deep, but the corn and beans are almost at a standstill. I am fairly happy with the corn for as dry as it has been. My early beans look really good and they are starting to close the rows on my 15-inch beans. Overall, stuff looks pretty decent really, for the amount of rain we’ve had. We haven’t had bean leaf beetle problems, which surprises me a little.… Continue reading

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Mark Thomas, June 11, 2012

“We could sure use some rain. We have some nice looking stuff, but it could use some water. We got an inch and a half around a week ago and 2 days before that we got 3 tenths. That sure helped a lot. It is so spotty. If you go 4 miles north they got 3 or 4 inches. We’ve got corn that is curling up. I don’t know that I have ever seen young corn curl up like this before. It makes you kind of wonder what that means for a young crop.

“We’ve got a beautiful stand of corn. I can’t complain at all. Our corn and beans jumped out of the ground. Because we are a dairy farm, we plant brown midrib corn that is very delicate and it is beautiful. Buddies of mine planted early and have really nice crops too. Our stuff grew great, but guys that planted a couple of weeks before us had to replant half their soybean acres because of slug problems.… Continue reading

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Jim Herring-June 11, 2012

“We’re getting a little bit of rain. Not a lot, but I’ll take it. It started raining before daylight this morning. It is just a gentle rain, which is enough to perk things up. I’ll take what I can get right now because there is not a lot coming in behind this. We’ve gotten a half an inch in the last two weeks.

“The corn is starting to show stress, but the stands are pretty good. The beans were in deep enough and they came in well, but now the crops are showing stress. So far we’ve gotten maybe a tenth.

“In this area there are a lot of spotty stands. Beans haven’t even come up yet in some fields. They didn’t get planted deep enough or there wasn’t enough moisture to bring them. There is some uneven corn, but it got in a little earlier and got a little more moisture to work with.… Continue reading

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Mark Dowden-June 11, 2012

“We’re getting some rain. It is just what we needed. We got anywhere from .8 to 1.8 inches on our different farms in the last 2 weeks. We were pretty dry until then. The crops really responded to that, but we were due for another shot.

“I don’t think there is much corn that is behind around here. There will be some beans behind that got planted late. The corn all came up about the same time and emergence was pretty even. All of the sidedressing is done around here. The beans have been post- sprayed and are in pretty good shape, other than the last planted beans in the area that are struggling.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if we didn’t try some wheat harvest in a couple of weeks. I think it is at least 10 days or two weeks ahead of normal. I am sure that most wheat acres will get double-cropped unless they need to put manure on or something.… Continue reading

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Billy Pontius, Fairfield County, May 28

“We finished up on May 18. It was getting pretty dry at the end, but most of the last beans we planted are up and looking pretty good. We had a rough spell with the corn there for a couple of weeks. That cold weather really took a toll on the corn more than I anticipated. We had some seedling blights, a little bit of cutworm and some wireworms. There was nothing major, but just a lot of little things and the cold, wet weather slowed the crop down. But, planting early was a gamble I was willing to take. And, if we had waited, we would be dealing with this dry weather.

“It seems like everybody around here has a few troublesome fields this spring. We didn’t replant. There were a few spots here and there, but I would have ended up tearing up more than I would have helped myself, especially as dry as it is now. … Continue reading

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Mark Dowden, Champaign County, May 28

“We’re getting pretty dry. We could sure use some rain. We finished up about a week and a half ago. The later crops took off pretty quickly. There was a little period there where some stuff got planted that really struggled. Some got replanted. We weren’t planting at that time and didn’t have to do any replanting. We got lucky. There was a lot that had to be redone after the big rains in early May. The crop looked nice, but it got covered up with water.

“Some of our early beans had bean leaf beetles on them pretty good because there weren’t many other beans around. They drove through that, though, and moved on. I guess with as dry as it is, stuff will be rooting down so we’ll be better off if we get dry weather later in the year. They are talking about hopefully some rain here.

“We put ammonia on up front and only sidedressed a few acres to fill in a few wet holes where we couldn’t get ammonia on.… Continue reading

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Jim Herring, Wyandot County, May 28

“We could sure use a rain. I think the corn is getting some stress because of the lack of rain. I finished up about a week ago, but I actually have 30 acres of beans to plant yet. I have waited almost a year for the tiling machine to show up, so I thought we could wait a little longer to plant to finish tiling.

“I did have to replant about 300 acres of beans. The one and only big rain we had this spring came at the wrong time for those. In this area it was not as bad as the next county over where they got 5 or 6 inches and they really had to replant a lot.

“We had some cutworms, but nothing major. In general the crops are looking pretty good. We just need some rain now to perk things up and get the crops going.

They say there is maybe a chance tomorrow, but, with this dry air, it takes a pretty good weather front to get things going again.… Continue reading

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Between the Rows, May 28

Mark Thomas, Stark County

“We are done planting and done making first cutting. Everything is coming up and looking good. There were a few guys that were replanting up here after the ground crusted over from the hard rain. Some guys had the seed corn maggot issues in the beans and corn both.

“We need rain. We haven’t had rain at my house in four weeks. We were wet pretty late up here. If you dig down in the ground more than an inch and a half, there is still moisture down there. Things are coming up well.

“We needed a good week of hot weather so we had good protein hay. It made good tonnage for us and we had around 21 or 22% protein. That is our bread and butter and when it is time for us to make hay we really had to concentrate on that.

“I don’t think we have to replant anything.… Continue reading

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Jim Herring, May 7

“The rain came down awfully hard and we probably got more than we needed. We got three inches of rain at home but only a quarter inch here in one of our fields. It is just a big difference in just 10 miles. There is about 80 acres that I am sitting on that I have to plant yet that I can plant today. The rest of the fields I have to plant are pretty muddy and it could be a while before they dry out. I have about 500 acres of beans left to go.

“I waited until April 22 to start with beans and those first beans are up and the stands look good.

Some of the corn sat in the ground for a couple of weeks, but it stayed dry, so it wasn’t cold and wet. Then it came up nicely. The stands look pretty good. It is off to a good start.”… Continue reading

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Mark Thomas, May 7

“In the general area, I would say guys have 60% or 70% of the corn is in the ground. Maybe 30% of the beans are planted. I finally saw corn come out of the ground on Friday. You could start seeing some rows.

“We got some crazy spotty rain. On Friday night, I got 1.8 inches. One or two miles north, they got a tenth of an inch. It was so spotty. One guy in Carroll County got three plus inches of rain. It absolutely flooded my yard. I came down hard.

“I mowed hay yesterday. We wanted to chop it. I figured we’d have all day today, but it is looking like that might not be the case. If this first system goes north of us we’ll still be OK. We had wanted to make hay for a long time, but the weather has just not cooperated.

“I have not planted any corn or beans yet.… Continue reading

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Mark Dowden, May 7

“We didn’t quite get done planting beans. We’ve got 115 acres of beans left to plant. We’ve been doing a little spraying on the corn.

“We had pretty good rain go through the county on Friday evening. We got anywhere from .1 to 1.9 inches within 7 miles. We went to Springfield yesterday and there is quite a bit that will have to be replanted over there. They had some good crops but they got covered up. The southern edge of Champaign County had the big rains come through. I went past a field that they will just probably have to start over.

“This heat turned things on. The crops are just going. We’re trying to get some spraying done this morning before more rain. The water got away pretty quickly from the last rain. A light rain would help wash off some of the plants that got mud on them.… Continue reading

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Billy Pontius, May 7

“We need it to quit raining for a while so we can get the rest of these beans in. We’ve gotten two inches in the last week, so it’s pretty wet. Most of my corn is OK. It has emerged well. But if we keep getting rain, it will start drowning things out.

“We have about 500 acres of beans left to plant. I only need three or four days.

I am surprised that I haven’t had any cutworm problems. We put insecticide on everything and I think that helped. With this warm weather, the corn will outgrow the pests I hope.

“We’ve got some beans up — the first ones we planted are up and looking pretty good. I am really pleased with the corn. I was a little leery starting early with corn and then having all of that cold weather. But if we hadn’t started early, we’d be behind with all of this rain.… Continue reading

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Jim Herring, Wyandot County, April 23

“We planted a little corn on April 11 just to get things started. We waited until the 16th before we really turned things loose.  I planted 95% of my corn last week and now it has turned cold. We’ll have to see what happens. I dug some up this morning and it has sprouted pretty well. It was nice and dry, which was good to plant in. We had to work the ground an extra time this year to get it ready, I think because of all the heavy rain and the lack of freezing and thawing.

“I got some that is spiked and almost ready to come up. It will warm up next week and be fine. We just got .7-inch on Saturday evening and that is drying off pretty fast. There is moisture where the seed is at, and it is germinating so we’re in good shape.

I was going to wait until the 21st to start planting beans, which is the crop insurance date.… Continue reading

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Mark Thomas, Stark County, April 23

“There are guys that have a lot of planting done, some are done planting. There are some people who have not started yet. Last year we planted corn on June 5 and it still made 198-bushel corn at 18% moisture. So, some guys are being cautious. There are no fields of corn or beans out of the ground yet. A friend of mine planted sweet corn early and it all got frosted off. The earliest corn I saw planted up our way was 10 days ago.

“I have not planted yet. I was hoping to make hay today and tomorrow and then plant, but the hay is really not going anywhere right now in this cold weather. We are ready for more warm weather.

“A guy cut hay last week, but it is just not growing right now. As soon as we know we’re in the clear with snowfall, we’re going to go. … Continue reading

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Billy Pontius, Fairfield County, April 23

“It is a little colder than I want it, but I have had corn in colder situations and it was alright. The corn I planted on April 5 is up, which is probably 200 acres. This rain couldn’t have come any better because this corn couldn’t have come through the ground because it was so hard. We still are a little drier than I want, but the nice slow rains are much better than the two-inch rains in 10 minutes we got last spring. It is not washing anything out and there is no ponding water.

“We are done planting corn. It all went in beautifully. The ground temperature got up really warm and there was moisture there for the seed to germinate. The cold doesn’t bother me because it is not soaking wet.

“A few years ago we finished on April 22 which was the earliest we have ever planted all the corn and this year we finished on April 20.… Continue reading

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Mark Dowden, Champaign and Logan Counties, April 23

“The first of our corn is just kind of spiking up on around 400 acres. We have our corn all planted. We’re better than half way through our soybeans. We have corn up and we have beans up. We finished planting the corn last Wednesday.  We finished in the afternoon then switched over to planting beans later that evening. We planted all day Friday, then, until it rained us out. We got a half-inch then and we had gotten a half-inch the weekend before. If it had been warm, that moisture would not have lasted us long.

“We’re probably not going to be able to get back to planting because it is so cold, it is not drying things out. The coldest I have seen is 38 degrees this morning at 5:30 a.m. I was going to see if I could spray, but it was already too windy. I just don’t think it will frost.… Continue reading

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Mark Thomas, April 9, 2012

“I look around me and there are lot of guys ready to plant, but I have not seen anybody plant anything other than oats and alfalfa. Now it is 54 degrees and they are calling for snow tomorrow, so that is slowing some guys down a little bit.

“We’re just getting caught up on hauling manure. Now we have a good handle on that and we’re getting out and doing some tillage. We were extremely wet for a long time and now the tops of the fields have dried out nicely. It is sprinkling right now and the soils are in good shape. If it rains a little, it won’t break my heart. They are calling for a chance of snow tonight, tomorrow and Wednesday and then temperatures in the 70s by the end of the week.

“It is hard for a lot of guys to keep themselves under control, but the crop insurance date for replant was the sixth and things are wide open now.… Continue reading

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Jim Herring, April 9, 2012

“We’ve got a lot projects going on. We haven’t started planting yet, but some guys in the area have. We’re going to start this week if the weather cooperates. But for now, it is the last opportunity to catch up on all of the little things before planting season starts. We have all of our anhydrous on until sidedressing.  We got the spraying done last week. We’re ready to plant and just watching what the weather will do. The forecast says it will be cool for the next few days, but it looks like we have some warmer weather coming later in the week. Then we’ll get the seed in the ground and see what happens.

“We ‘re going to start with corn. I’ve heard about a few guys planting beans but I think I’ll wait another week or so for them. I am not in a big hurry to start the beans because of the risk of frost, but we will maybe get the beans started next week if the conditions are right.… Continue reading

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Mark Dowden- April 9, 2012

“We’re planting corn and beans. Last week, people started early and then everybody backed off a little. We planted couple hundred acres of soybeans last week and now we’re planting corn. We planted beans on Friday and Saturday and switched over and planted one field of corn on Saturday. If conditions are right, we’ll just keep planting until we’re done.

“It is going in really well. We have dry conditions and we’re putting seed down into the moisture. By the end of the week, it is supposed to warm up and hopefully it will really take off. Guys in the area were working ground last week and the majority of the burndown has been done around here. Today they are ready to go and guys are getting on it. I think some guys were a little gun-shy last week to get going because last year, the later planted crops did so well.… Continue reading

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